7 Best WordPress Media Organizers

Media Organizer

Why should you organize your WordPress media library?

Remember when you had a fresh start with WordPress?

Everything was so clean and neat. 

Then you start customizing your website appearance and adding loads of images and files to your WordPress media library. All uploads on a daily basis continuously tote up and your media library grows bigger and bigger.

Sometimes it’s hard to find the file we need to insert to our page or post if we don’t remember when it was uploaded.

Fortunately, WordPress scripts are flexible and there are various plugins to enhance your WordPress media library management. In this article, I’m happy to list the best 7 WordPress media organizers to speed up your content creation process.


1. FileBird – WordPress Media Library Folders & File Manager

FileBird – WordPress Media Library Folders & File Manager

By default, WordPress stores your media uploads in its predefined folders which are categorized by year and month. 

Let’s just say when you created an article with multiple illustrations a few years ago, and now you need to keep it updated for 2021. You’ll have to upload new media to your library, all of which will be kept separate from what you uploaded years ago. What’s worse is that you can’t even remember where to pick the file you need to tweak or adjust.

And if you are about to add completely new files for the post, your media library can become bunky.

This is where FileBird comes to help clear this abundance and mess up.

The FileBird plugin allows you to organize files into folders that can be created and renamed by yourself. You can drag and drop to move any folders to the place where you want them to belong.

FileBird WordPress Media Library


  • New elegant user interface
  • Smart right-click context options
  • Enhanced search function
  • Bulk delete files and folders
  • Supports multiple file types and languages


FileBird lite version is available on WordPress.org.

If you need more than 10 folders, going FileBird Pro is worth every cent and penny.


2. Filester – File Manager Pro

Filester comes with a very well-designed structure that replaces the standard media library with a clear, concise interface that makes it easy to manage all files on your website.

Filester WordPress File Manager

Filester also makes it easy to manage system files as well as media uploads. It completely replaces file handling in WordPress and adds a clear, attractive UI to the dashboard.

There is also a right click context menu and advanced user settings so you can control Filester over a multisite network or on sites with multiple users.


  • Drag and drop usability
  • Works with archives, .zip, .rar etc.
  • User control functions
  • Useful undo changes option

Price: Albeit offering premium features, Filester is free to use.


3. WordPress Multisite Shared Media

WordPress Multisite Shared MediaMultisite Shared Media already speaks well for its functionality. It allows WordPress admins to efficiently manage media files used for sharing and downloading. 

If you’re after a WordPress file manager plugin optimized for multiple networked websites whose files can be accessed both internally and by external users, this is a great option.

Using a centralized media library for your sites can help you save time and avoid having to upload files over and over again. 

This plugin designates one of your websites to act as a central library and treat latter sites with numbered ID. Once a new file has been uploaded, all connected site’s media libraries will be synced up.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Effective centralized media library
  • Compatible with FTP
  • Plug and play add-on

Price: $30 – Premium version can be purchased via Codecanyon. You can test their demo before buying, too.


4. WP Media Category Management

WP Media Category ManagementWP Media Category is another plugin to help you create a folder for each category you want to use and copy the corresponding files into each folder. If you copy or move a file in this plugin, you will also have to modify any URLs on live pages to retain the image on each post or page.

With this plugin, you can also filter media files in the media library using custom taxonomies in both list and grid view. WP Media Category Management now also supports post tags and media taxonomies defined by other plugins.


  • Use shortcode to insert media gallery
  • Custom taxonomy
  • Advanced filtering options
  • Bulk select and delete categories

Price: Free of charge


5. WP Media Download

WP Media Download

This powerful plugin helps you manage WordPress media files in different aspects.

With this plugin, you can generate a custom file upload form and insert it anywhere on your website. Your users will be able to submit files and you can select the destination of the files in order to review them before publication. It also supports single master files to be made available in multiple categories.

On the file display and downloading aspect, you’ll be able to have file previewer, file versioning, bulk download, and also statistics.


  • Straightforward organization of files and folders
  • Compatible with Cloud storage services
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Advanced settings for files and images
  • Multiple Cloud add-ons to enhance media management


This plugin doesn’t offer free use but you can start lean with $29 per 6 month license.


6. Media File Renamer

This is a great solution for those who frequently update or revamp media-intensive posts. Media file renamer allows you to alter file name and other metadata. It helps create a well-organized structure for all files and boost SEO, too.

WooCommerce site owners also love this plugin thanks to its smooth functioning and especially the premium version comes with excellent features such as rename files based on ALT text, attached post title or anonymize with MD5.


  • Automate renaming process (Pro)
  • Defined rename method (Pro)
  • Numbered files
  • Synch metadata


Standard free version can be downloaded at WordPress.

Advanced users can buy File Renamer pro here.


7. Download Monitor

Download Monitor

Download Monitor provides an intuitive UI for uploading and managing downloadable files as well as inserting download links into posts and logging downloads.

The best part is that the admin UI lists your downloads in an organized way, listing useful file information and at-a-glance stats while also providing search and filter functionality. The interface is the same as WordPress, so you’ll find this super easy-to-use.


  • Add, edit and remove downloads;
  • Quick-add panel for adding downloads/files while editing posts;
  • Add multiple file versions to your downloads;
  • Categorize, tag, or add other meta to your downloads;
  • Display download links on the frontend using shortcodes;
  • Track downloads counts and log user download attempts;
  • Customizable endpoints for showing pretty download links.

Price: Download Monitor is a free WordPress plugin, but it also offers some powerful extensions that you can buy.


Final thoughts

Website contents are not staying organized like on your own computer.

If you have read this far, you know that a WordPress media organizer plugin can help arrange all your media files and makes it much easier to find or search for particular files. 

Some plugins add extensive media organization while others focus on sharing among networked libraries. Depending on your demands, there are always helpful plugins available.

For clutter-clearing your WordPress media library, just start with FileBird folders.

For FTP-like functionality, you can opt for Filester.

For multiple-site collaboration, Multisite Shared Media is the best option.

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