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WordPress portfolio theme

19 Free and Paid WordPress Portfolio Themes that’ll Make Your Website Stand Out [UPDATED 2022]

Whether you work as a designer, a photographer, or a freelancer, you will definitely need to build an online presence. your social media accounts are not enough. In order to be credible, you need a website that is able to reflect your skills, know-how, and projects. You can most easily make a portfolio website starting…
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Hostpapa hosting review

Hosting Reviews: HostPapa

While WordPress is the most used open-source CMS, many website owners still don’t use it to complete optimization or don’t know how to. But when it comes to WordPress hosting, you can have it all. The concept of managed WordPress hosting proved that. Managed WordPress hosting revolves around offering clients a hands-off website management experience.…
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wordpress plugin detectors

WordPress Plugin Detectors in 2022: How to Find Plugins Used by a Site?

You’re on a lazy Tuesday afternoon, doing some research to solve a problem you have for yourself, or researching your competitors, you happen to stumble upon a website that takes your focus. It may also be the case that smooth animation is coming up at the next step, or that a special subscription form may…
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WordPress Crowdfunding and Donations: What Your Need to Know

If you’re in the nonprofit game, or just need cash to get a killer idea off the ground, attracting donations is a smart strategy. There are a lot of ways to inspire donors to support your cause, from organizing a fundraising event to applying for government grants.  The quickest and easiest method of snagging donations?…
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WordPress SEO plugin

Best SEO Tools for WordPress to Rank Higher in 2022

Organic traffic is the one that comes to your website from search engines such as Google, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, etc. As per BrightEdge, 53% is the percentage of all trackable website traffic that comes from organic search. This might seem much, but, there’s a trick. Ahrefs says that 90.63% of web pages worldwide don’t get…
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how to edit footers in WordPress

How to edit footer in WordPress with 4 easy methods (UPDATE 2021)

Footers are so underrated. There are 2 main advantages to using website footers: helping with website navigation helping with SEO, by improving internal links And if you’re thinking that people don’t scroll that down and that footers are not visible, well, guess again. A study by Chartbeat revealed that they do scroll. And they’ve analyzed…
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Hosting Reviews: HostArmada

WordPress is a leading CMS for people around the globe due to its flexibility, ease of access, and vast community. Because of this fact, many providers out there have invested resources in creating specialized servers, environments, and tools to accommodate the ever-growing need of the average and advanced WordPress user. Picking the right host for…
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WordPress forms

How to Add a Contact Form in WordPress (UPDATE 2021)

This is one of the most important things you should know when creating your WP site: how to add a contact form in WordPress. Most websites in the world make use of contact forms. If it’s not obvious why, let me give you some clues: you can get more leads because you make it very…
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web design process

The 8 Commandments of a Web Design Process (for Newbies & with No Code)

Find out how you can craft a successful website by following a structured website design process. Our hypothesis is that you have already found a domain name and a hosting provider. If you haven’t yet chosen your host yet, we really recommend our partner Cloudways. In the example below the steps are presented for the…
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learn from Movavi

How to Leverage Infographics in Your Marketing Strategy

Today, we’re crafting together with Julia, Movavi’s Marketing Manager, an article on how you can leverage infographics in your marketing strategy. Movavi is an intuitive video editing software that is used by 3,000,000+ users. Movavi video editing software can help you solve lots of challenging multimedia tasks and create videos with special effects. This is…
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How to Kickstart Your Wordpress Website with No Coding Skills

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