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WordPress vs Weebly

WordPress vs Weebly: a Detailed Comparison

If you’re in confusion about WordPress vs Weebly, you’ve landed in the right place. Our detailed comparison will provide everything you need to know before deciding which platforms you should go with.  In this article, we’ll cover:  What is WordPress? What is Weebly? Pros and cons of WordPress vs Weebly  WordPress vs Weebly: Detailed Comparison …
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WordPress pagination

How to Setup WordPress Pagination in 2022

Pagination is a used for ordering sequential pages which are contextually connected, to provide continuity to both users and search engines. Now, when it comes to the subject of pagination for your WordPress site, here are some use cases: WordPress pagination for a main blog page (this can take two forms: either as older/newer posts…
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WordPress site search

WordPress Site Search? Do Tell!

When navigating a website, users need to be able to easily find what they’re looking for. If this is not happening, you might lose a subscriber or a potential client. This is why by having: Proper website navigation in place, Blog categories, Product categories, filters, and sorting options in the case of online stores, Internal…
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how to edit footers in WordPress

How to edit footers in WordPress with 5 easy methods in 2022 (in the Customizer and Block Editor)

Footers are the most underrated sections of a site. But, it shouldn’t be this way. There are 2 main advantages to using website footers: helping with website navigation helping with SEO, by improving internal links And if you’re thinking that people don’t scroll that down and that footers are not visible, well, guess again. A…
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25+ Best Free WordPress Themes for Various Niches [UPDATED 2022]

There are over 9000 free WordPress themes on But which one is for you? Now, when you want to create a WordPress website you will need to: Figure out the domain name then purchase the domain. You could use BrandRoot for inspiration. Buy a website hosting plan. Choose a free WordPress theme. This means…
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homepage design

Why These 25+ Website Homepage Designs Work So Well [UPDATED 2022]

As the name indicates, the homepage is the first page users see in a website. The homepage design has to be great, it has to impress. Below, you’ll find the critical ingredients that have been tried and tested to work, and which will make your homepage stand out from the crowd. Bring focus to what…
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5 Best WordPress Video Plugins to Add to Your Website

I’m attached to online videos. Reading chunks of plain text on a website just seems like a chore to me.  I sometimes allow my mind to wander while I read something on the internet and I’ll end up losing entire paragraphs. So, when there’s a video on the page, I really want to thank and…
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WordPress portfolio theme

19 Free and Paid WordPress Portfolio Themes that’ll Make Your Website Stand Out [UPDATED 2022]

Whether you work as a designer, a photographer, or a freelancer, you will definitely need to build an online presence via a website. Your social media accounts are not enough. In order to be credible, you need a website that is able to reflect your skills, know-how, and projects. You can most easily make a…
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WordPress background color

How to change background color in WordPress websites? [UPDATE 2022]

So you want to change WordPress background colors. We heard you. Setting a fine background for the pages of a website is important in web design, because it can enhance a website expressiveness, and better emphasize content. In this article I’m going to show you how to: Change the background color of website sections, Add…
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Hostpapa hosting review

Hosting Reviews: HostPapa

While WordPress is the most used open-source CMS, many website owners still don’t use it to complete optimization or don’t know how to. But when it comes to WordPress hosting, you can have it all. The concept of managed WordPress hosting proved that. Managed WordPress hosting revolves around offering clients a hands-off website management experience.…
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How to Kickstart Your Wordpress Website with No Coding Skills

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