Mint Color Palette that Works Wonders for a Website

  A mint color palette can really work wonders for a website. Let’s see how: As refreshing as you say “mint”… this can be an effect that’s really undreamt of, for websites. A suitable color combination will work wonders for your website pages. More precisely, it will take that website out of anonymity and into…
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Turquoise Color Schemes for Websites

Turquoise is an interesting color. And turquoise color schemes stir up curiosity . Both in real life and online, it is deemed a perfectly visible color, intriguing and extremely eloquent, at the same time. In today’s article, we’ll focus on the online use of turquoise, in interesting combinations that make websites stand out. More precisely,…
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Beige Color Palette for Websites

Beige is part of the soft colors that work wonderfully for some websites background. A beige color palette is suitable for niches such as architecture, interior design (its role is to make the visit comfy), fashion and lifestyle (its role is to make you feel at ease on the website), cosmetics and treatments, etc. In…
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WordPress favicon

Why and How to a WordPress Favicon to Your Website

The name “favicon” comes from “favourite icon”. It’s also known as a site icon. It’s a small image representative of a website and it can be found on any page contained by that website. A site icon is attached to a site (or it should be) and it adds to the website personality. Given its…
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Black Color Palette for Websites

Black is an elegant color. Even for websites, a black color palette adds a note of gracefulness and high style. That is why, black is for sites of companies that sell high-end products and services, to convey a sense of luxury and expensive price for high quality. Also, black conveys authority, that’s why you should…
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watercolor background

23+ Watercolor Backgrounds for Astonishing Websites

This technique of using watercolor backgrounds requires a careful combination of colors. It involves even hues of the same color, as immersed and spreading their color out in the dissolving water. When used attentively, the watercolor technique can create beautiful websites. Thus websites go from common sites to special ones, just by a simple change…
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Blue Green Color Palette for Websites

  Is a blue green color palette suitable for websites? Who’s said blue and green cannot go together? They’re colors that, with a pinch of creativity, can go a long way in transmitting a website’s personality. Well, it also depends on the blue and green nuances, to make them perfectly match. Blue and green are…
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WordPress 404 pages

How to Customize the WordPress 404 Error Page?

Let’s start with the beginning: what does a 404-error page mean, after all? A 404-error page means a broken link. It means that the content users searched for on that page doesn’t exist or it does no longer exist. 404 is the status code a web server displays when the requested page cannot be found.…
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Blue Color Schemes for Websites

  In creating blue color schemes for a new website, it’s important to note that you’ll have to choose: a primary color, secondary colors and an accent color. In this article, we’ll focus on blue as the primary color in websites. We’ll try to give you some hints where and when it’s best to use…
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One-page Websites and their Role in Representing a Website

  There’s currently a trend of having a one-page website. If the content requirements don’t tell otherwise, it’s the best solution you could choose for presenting your company. Why choose a one-page layout?   First, let’s see why it’s better to consider a one-page website than a multi-page website:   One-page sites are a low-cost…
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How to Kickstart Your Wordpress Website with No Coding Skills

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