Website Wireframes to Start a Successful Design Process

  First, what are website wireframes? They are visual representations of a website scheme, the skeletal framework of a website. It has no added colors, color schemes, logo, specific fonts or elaborate content. It serves only as a guide showing how the website will look like in its final form.   Creating a website wireframe…
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Minimalist Website Fonts that Make Your Content Stand Out

  Minimalist fonts can make a website stand out from the crowd. Thorough selection of fonts can make the difference between a common website and an edgy one. Fonts give text content high legibility, making it easy to browse, read and understand. Thus, a website’s message reaches its target more effectively.   First, what are…
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How to Set a Featured Image in WordPress?

Today you’ll learn how to set a featured image in WordPress. In today’s world, text needs to be accompanied by expressive images or self-speaking videos. It’s crucial to embellish plain text with visuals, so you capture users’ attention and make them stay on page. Setting featured images is especially important in case of blog posts.…
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WordPress Resume Themes – Best Collection (with Videos)

  Business cards and standard CVs have evolved to resume websites and WordPress resume themes. A website is currently the top-notch solution for being found and selected for projects.   What should a resume theme include?   What matters most is the layout. It needs to be adaptable to the CV format you want to…
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How and Why to Create a WordPress Multisite?

  In many cases, installing WordPress and creating a website will do. However, there might be some other cases, when a WordPress multiste (managing multiple websites from a WordPress network) will do better.   What is WordPress multisite?   A WordPress multisite allows for the creation of a network of sites within one single WordPress…
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Website Design Ideas and Inspiration

If you lack inspiration for your website design, stop pondering. If you want ideas for your website design, better start reading this. It all begins with a website plan. With the plan in front of your eyes, you’ll get a clearer idea of what website you want to create. That website has to be both…
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10+ Free One-Page WordPress Themes

To quickly put your business online, a one-page website might be the perfect fit. If you count at least 3 of the special one-page features below as important to your website, you should consider the free one-page WordPress themes listed in this article:   Features of a one-page website and of free one-page WordPress themes…
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WordPress Business Themes

  Here’s a list of top 20 WordPress business themes. Because when you say business website, you say professionalism. Business and corporate presentations have distinct features. And with such features, they can make or break a company’s progress and flow of clients.   So, pay attention to the following must-haves of the WordPress business themes:…
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Blog Design Secrets to Keep Your Readers Hooked

  The online world is unlimited space where blogs abound. So, how to stay competitive amongst so many blogs? You should, however, make a living from blogging, to name it successful. Before monetization, there is a community: you can easily monetize a blog with an already-formed community, so focus on creating a strong community. Before…
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How to… WordPress?

If you decide to build a site in WordPress, it’s time to learn some WordPress tips and tricks. That’s the purpose of this article, to introduce you to a few tips on how to… WordPress.   How to install WordPress?   It’s very simple to install WordPress. Go to wordpress.org and find the download link…
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How to Kickstart Your Wordpress Website with No Coding Skills

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