Design the Best Contact Us Page

OK, so users land on your contact page. What will they find? What should they find? After users have browsed through your pages, they’ll find a contact page that reinforces positivity or negativity in their perceiving the website.   After all, the contact page might be the reason why a whole website has been created.…
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How to Speed Up WordPress Website (13+ Performance Optimization Tips)

Website speed is important for good user experience and ranking in search engine results pages. Thus, you need to learn how to speed up your WordPress website and make it perform better. Users’ attention span has decreased to about 7 seconds. This means you have a very short time to catch web surfers’ attention and…
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Extend Studio launches the next generation WordPress design tool

Bucharest, Romania – Extend Themes is proud to unveil a new direction in the world of WordPress design and site creation: ColibriWP. With the addition of an online platform and deep integration of site building features straight into the Customizer, Colibri helps WordPress users with better workflows when creating their sites, as well as all…
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How to Correctly Install WordPress Within Minutes

It’s very easy to install WordPress. You can perform all needed operations within minutes. It takes only few time to run the installation. Then, you can start customizing your website and do all the work the same day. It’s that quick to setup and create a website. Provided that you install WordPress correctly and without…
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How to create a vineyard website

.To create a vineyard website, it shouldn’t take long. We created the template for Vineyard, you’ll start customizing it in just a few minutes. Login to the app, click on CREATE NEW SITE and give a name to your new project. Select Vineyard from our list of available templates, and start customizing it according to…
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WordPress updates

How to Deal with WordPress Website Updates and Changes

In a quickly growing market, your website needs constant updates. In an agile online medium, your website needs constant improvement. We’ll speak about all necessary updates for a website built on WordPress.   Updates to the WordPress software It’s well known that WordPress is subject to many attacks. This is not due so much to…
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How to create a conference website

To market your conferences and events, you need a conference website. As an organizer of conferences, you need a professional website that recommends users those events, through design, presentation and communication style. Colibriwp helps you create a website for conferences, by providing you a template specially created for this niche. You have to login to…
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How to create a moving service website

  To instantly create a moving service website, you can start from the Colibriwp template. Login to the app and choose the template for Movers. You’ll go to the Customizer, and you can adjust site settings to give a unique presentation to your company.     If you want to have a website in no…
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How to create an accounting firm website

An accounting firm website needs careful attention and a lot of work. However, with a template for accounting, you’ll save time and effort, and your website will look professional.   To create a website for accounting services, starting from our template, you need to login to the app, click on CREATE NEW SITE and choose…
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WordPress Meta Tags (what they are and how to use them)

You’ve probably heard a lot about WordPress meta tags and just how important they are for a website.   In this post we’ll make it clear why meta tags still count for a quality website, together with describing their setting up and customization in WordPress. Tags are customized for each type of content defined in…
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How to Kickstart Your Wordpress Website with No Coding Skills

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