Beige Color Palettes for Websites

Beige Color Palettes for Websites

Beige is part of the soft colors that work wonderfully for some websites background. It is suitable for niches such as architecture, interior design (its role is to make the visit comfy), fashion and lifestyle (its role is to make you feel at ease on the website), cosmetics and treatments, etc.

In the following lines, we’ll give a few examples of websites that successfully use beige color palettes:


  1. Bang Olufsen




This website is about how to transform the interior space of a room. It uses warm colors, mostly beige and brown, to suggest comfort and cosiness. The products are all the more emphasized as they are exhibited onto a warm-colored background: they suggest modernism and coolness, and they invite to further exploration or acquisition.


  1. Coffee Club



The Coffee Club website makes use of colors that associate well with the comfort of drinking coffee. Its background colors contain beige, which integrates in a perfect color palette that transmits what it means to choose well-being. Beige is contrasted by more pronounced colors with he role of drawing attention and make users read content on the page.


  1. Chocolatmilano



In the same vein as the coffee shop, this website uses beige in combination with colors that transmit: the pleasure of tasting chocolate, wellness, comfort and cosiness. In addition, this beige color scheme raises the standard to a high-end presentation of luxury products. That’s why users are welcomed by the title: “The luxury gelato shop”. Onto a background with beige nuances, products and shop shine with color, and not a common one: it’s the color of luxury.


  1. Designeat



This is the website of a design and development company. So, it’s no wonder they use colors in a successful way, managing to create a color scheme that moulds perfectly onto their brand. Beige is included in the color scheme, and it’s well contrasted with blue. This is valid in the upper part of the homepage, as the flow of colors is continued with more pronounced nuances towards the bottom of the page. It’s important to note that beige integrates well in the overall color palette, and it ensures a balance among more striking colors.


These websites all make good use of beige in their color palette. The choice of color is key to branding. It’s also fundamental to select the best colors to communicate with visitors at an emotional level. In the case of such websites, beige underlines comfort, cosiness, wellness and luxury. It can also combine well with contrasting colors, to create a color palette where beige gives a note of simplicity and uniqueness.

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