Black Color Palette for Websites

Black is an elegant color. Even for websites, a black color palette adds a note of gracefulness and high style.

That is why, black is for sites of companies that sell high-end products and services, to convey a sense of luxury and expensive price for high quality.

Also, black conveys authority, that’s why you should use it for portfolio websites. It has the role to attract attention over the work of an author having an expert status in their area.


In the following lines, we’ll see what black color palettes can do for a website, and how they transmit values through the mere color:

  1. Sklobovskaya’s website

Example of black color palette


In this site, the background is a smoky black. It serves to better emphasize the author’s work and impress a style on it. It leaves readers the impression of perfect, irreproachable work that imposes itself through artistry.


Elegant black color palette


If a plain page like this were to be defined through specific words, these would be: top-notch website, exquisite presentation, clean and clear branding, velvety black. And because of the velvety black, this website arouses curiosity and the desire to find out more. So, direct impact on dwell time on site.

  1. Jack Daniel’s

New black color palette


In Jack Daniel’s site, black and, generally dark colors, are favoured. Black color palettes are showing social status, a high stance and a fair treatment of people who enjoy whiskey. The presentation is made in all seriousness, with total respect for high quality and special times when people will drink whiskey.

  1. Publikcoffee

Example of black color palette


For Publikcoffee, a black background matches vintage text, in a tone of elegance that’s impossible to pass over. It serves to creating high contrast between background and text, bringing their message front and center, in a unique way: “Quality over Quantity. Community over Corporate. Planet over Profit.” As a consequence, the black color palette serves to assert the café’s values, in plain simple sentences.

  1. Cappen


The design of Cappen’s deploys, onto a background color palette: geometric forms, neatness, precision of details and inspired typography. The title animation draws attention towards what’s special about Cappen. The black background cannot but emphasize the power of those words. On top of that, content in the page leaves enough room for the black background to exert its power of expression.

  1. Myblissandbone


This website background contains black fern. It’s a wedding website, so the black color palette comes in strikingly, instead of vivid or light colors. The black background has the role to situate events and weddings at a higher level, one of luxury and exquisite decors. So the black used for the fern in the background cannot be but intriguing, inviting to learn more.

  1. Culture Basic Agency


This is the website of a creative agency that lets colors go of in favour of a more striking message. And for the message to be well received, it has to be white on black. It also must have appropriate typography than connects the dots between different parts of the presentation. The design using a black background is somehow sober, however, the agency’s presentation goes out of the ordinary with truths and conceptions that promise a lot for new brands.


The collection of 7 black color palettes used for websites demonstrates the ability to express values through colors. It’s a powerful tool to use when you want to create outstanding websites, unusual websites and particularly interesting pages. People will be curious about what’s inside those pages, and will be much more attentive to the message you have to convey. One last thing though: use black color palettes carefully. If the message doesn’t live up to users’ expectations, the website will not reach its full potential, but it’ll be just one among other websites.

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