Blog Design Trends for 2022

Blog design trends 2022

Welcome to a new blog article in our “Learn from” series. Today, the folks at Crello are going to show us the blog design trends for 2022. And they really know what they mean, because Crello is one of the biggest graphic design apps out there. It allows amateur designers, marketers, students, to create posters, presentations, social media visuals, and more. Crello also has 30k+ unique templates made by professionals, according to the latest design and marketing trends.

Many people finish a design for a website or blog and never touch it again. That’s wrong. Design is an ever-evolving thing. It’s important to make changes here and there when the market demands the change.

Now, these trends might last for a few years, like the retro fonts trend for example. It was popular in 2021, but we also expect it to be popular in 2022 as well.

Now, let’s take a look at these trends, shall we?


Unique and Retro Fonts

Fonts are used in design with the purpose of:

  • creating a unique appearance;
  • creating an aesthetically pleasing design;
  • highlighting important information;
  • attracting the user’s attention to content.

Now, the retro fonts have a cyclical nature. From time to time, they come back to haunt us. Kidding, we love them. Now, it’s the same with fashion. Didn’t you notice that the ’80s were back last year? 

Now, what I love about this trend is the fact that these retro fonts are reimagined and stylized again and again.

Check this one, for example, the Vicente Font Family:

Vicente font Family


or this one,

Brice font family


Animations in 3D

The use of three-dimensional graphics and animations makes blogs and websites attractive, original, and unique. And when you combine these graphics with a minimalist design, you’ll definitely stand out.

3D graphics



Non-standard Scrolling

As far as we remember the scrolling has always been done vertically. Now, we’re starting to see content sections divided into foreground and background, creating a parallax effect. Parallax is an optical illusion that occurs when objects near the viewer appear to be moving faster than objects farther away. The effect on web pages is perceived as real and surreal in equal measure. The depth that is created through the use of foreground and background also gives the added benefit of immersion, transforming the computer screen into something like a theater stage.

With the expansion of technology and the impact of progress, many blog sites are starting to use non-standard scrolling options:

  • horizontally;
  • in all planes.

Horizontal scrolling provides comfortable viewing of info on phones or tablets. This is due to the fact that gesture control is used to work with these devices. Viewing in all planes provides a comfortable interaction when using any gadgets. 

Horizontal scrolling


Gradients and Color Highlights

The trendsetter color gradients and schemes was Instagram back in 2016. Their logo became iconic and made a breakthrough in the web design industry. Since then, this approach has not lost its relevance, which allows designers to continue working with color transitions. Now, there are two major gradient color schemes that you can use: 

  • monochrome;
  • opposite colors in the coloristic circle.

The first method differs by using one color with a smooth transition to white or the lightest shade. This method is suitable for highlighting headings or important blocks. The second option allows you to divide the page into two fields, in which opposite or compared objects will be placed. Also, for this type of design, they stopped using acidic or very bright colors. Most often, preference is given to pastels or bright but washed-out shades.

For example, the folks in Creatopy are using gradients for their blog featured images, but also in their podcast episodes visuals. Their approach is monochromatic.


Minimalistic web design options

Since users spend a lot of time on the network, it becomes important for them to get information quickly and easily. Various decorative elements become distracting and annoying factors, which are the reason for the decrease in visitor traffic. Minimalistic design is the option here. This trend has been here for a while now but intends to stay in 2022 as well.

Minimalism focuses on simplicity, on reducing unessential layers, and tripping away ornaments. Minimalist design makes use of white space, lightweight typography, less color, and grid layouts.

For example, the folks at Planable, even removed the blog sidebar, to make sure they don’t cause distractions.

Planable blog

Calm colors

Considering that the labor market these days has come under the influence of digitalization, most people spend a significant part of their time at computers. Because of this, users often feel eye strain. Web designers take this into account and create color schemes that make it easier to read.

Blog designers have found a middle ground in soft color palettes: natural greens, pastel blues, warm cinnamon, or light pink tones. This not only makes the color scheme of sites less harsh but also causes peace and relaxation for the user.


Video usage

2022 will also be different in the ability to use video files for blog website development and web design. These can be both small video versions and full-screen versions. This principle has already been applied in design, but only as a background resource. Now they will be put in the first place, without any cover. This design option will be most useful for some categories of blog sites:

  • running high-value product shows, as Apple does;
  • organizing presentations, exhibitions of paintings or other types of art, advertising concerts;
  • presentations of sports and political action;
  • study of the structure or methods of connecting goods;
  • advertising of games or presentation of new products of the film industry.

It will enable visitors to analyze the material more clearly and in detail, which will lead to a better understanding of its features and positive aspects.


Dark mode

The process of popularizing this design began in 2019. Dark mode became a very popular web design trend in 2021-2022. At first, dark themes were only used in some applications. Today developers use this look and feel for blog websites as well. Brands like Apple, Instagram, Android, etc. are offering this dark mode theme in their products. The use of the dark theme is adjusted manually using the settings. 

There are also special options that allow you to set the timer to switch the theme. In this case, the user no longer participates in this. Despite the fact that this design option is no longer so new, it will still be applied in 2022. The popularity of this design is ensured by obtaining a number of positive aspects:

  • allows you to create accent color highlighting due to contrast;
  • makes it possible to fully perceive the content at a low level of illumination;
  • ultra-modern look;
  • reduces eye strain in low light conditions;
  • provides economical energy consumption and prolongs the life of screens, mostly OLED;
  • makes it possible to stand out advantageously from the rest of the options.

You are probably familiar with the Netflix website and app, right?

Netflix dark mode

Most of the trending products that have been created this year are repeating the previous versions. The goal of each of them is to make the virtual design comfortable. Besides this, your main focus should be the user experience. So, it would be wise if you could measure blog interactions, and try to optimize for specific business objectives.

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