Blue Color Schemes for Websites


In creating blue color schemes for a new website, it’s important to note that you’ll have to choose: a primary color, secondary colors and an accent color.

In this article, we’ll focus on blue as the primary color in websites. We’ll try to give you some hints where and when it’s best to use blue for a website color scheme, and give you some inspiration through examples.

Blue color for financial websites


Blue color schemes financial

Financial Security


Blue is be reassuring, suggestive of financial security and confidence in the financial future.

Images and text reinforce this idea of trust, especially that it’s about the financial area, and value is money.


Blue color for National Climate Assessment


Climate Assessment


This website is pivotal for a climate assessment that’s done in all seriousness. Now, blue signifies careful attention to a problem, that they treat with maximum responsibility.


Blue color for professionals


Blue color schemes creatives

Professionalism of a creative agency


In this case, blue is representative of highly appreciated values in business: professionalism, expertise, seriousness and trustworthiness. As a creative agency couldn’t count only on blue, it enters an original combination with black (using the split screen functionality).


Blue color for cruises




All that related to water, and cruises and cool holidays is represented in blue. That’s why blue is the primary color in this website, inviting enough to make users come to a decision and cruise.


Blue color for spas


Blue color schemes for spas

Spas, comfort and wellness


Due to its calming, soothing effect, blue raises awareness regarding well-being. It’s inviting, and thus it contributes directly to conversions and maximization of spa bookings.


Blue for medical centers


Confidence and trust in the medical personnel


Blue is also representative of clinics: it instils trust in the staff experience and skills, their professionalism and conveys a sense of security.


Blue color for business websites


Trust and confidence in business are key


Blue is frequent in business presentations and websites. When chosen as primary color, it conveys trust and confidence, integrity and honesty. It encapsulates a whole bunch of values every business should have as priorities.


All in all, blue color schemes encompass a range of significations that make them suitable for:

  • Business websites
  • Financial websites
  • Spa and wellness
  • Holidays and cruises
  • Medical websites
  • NGOs.

The areas are not limited to the above, any website you want to look cool and transmit confidence can benefit from a color scheme that integrates blue as primary color.

To find the perfect color scheme for your next website, you might take a look and try different color schemes especially created for you in Colibri.

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