Ski Resort Website You Can Build Using ColibriWP

It’s never been easier to create a ski resort website than with the ColibriWP template.

You’ll start from this:


ski resort website demo


All you have to do is select “Start with a predefined template” and choose the Ski Resort demo site. If you create such a project, you need to go to the Customizer and start adjusting settings for each and every element in the default website.


ski resort website Customizer


In the left-hand menu of the Customizer, you have plenty of options for Header, Footer, content sections in every page, menu, color schemes and global settings.


Let’s see some of them:


Logo, the essential element of a branded ski resort website

First, you can easily integrate your logo in the website, either as text or image + text:


website logo


Suggestive Full-screen Hero image for great impact onto users


full-screen Hero image


You can modify the content, style and advanced properties for the Hero image.

Profit from photo galleries that are worth a thousand words


photo gallery

This section, created using the Masonry Gallery component, has options to adjust:

  • The number of columns
  • The image dimensions
  • The use of Masonry layout, etc.


The menu can be customized

 In the demo website, the used component is a dropdown menu, with options for:

  • Active item
  • Display of items when hovering with the mouse over them
  • Choice of colors, according to the contrast with the background


menu customization


Customize the blog you attach to your ski resort website

  • Adjust post thumbnails.
  • Choose the placeholder color.
  • Modify the image size.
  • You can add links.


ski resort blog customization


  • Moreover, you can navigate from one page of the demo site to another, directly in the Customizer. Then, you’ll have the corresponding page options displayed in the left-hand menu.
  • Also, you can use the same settings for multiple items, by selecting the option to link elements.
  • You’ll have the possibility to create your own global color scheme, from the multiple options in global settings.


To build your own ski resort website, you only need to replace the default settings with those of your preference. Therefore, colors, images and text will be customized so the final website will perfectly represent your brand.

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