How To Analyze Cart Abandonment for Your WordPress Online Store

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Struggling to reduce the rate of your cart abandonment? No need to worry anymore. We have an easy solution to your problem. It will help you to fix the issue within minutes. In his article, we will tell you how to recover an abandoned cart following just a few easy steps. At the end of the article, we will also share the name of a free WordPress visitor behavior analysis plugin and explain in detail how to use it to reduce shopping cart abandonment and boost up the conversion with step-by-step instructions. 


What is a shopping cart? 

The word shopping cart or cart simply refers to a trolly or basket on wheels in which the customers store the items they select for buying while visiting a marketplace. In the context of a website, it means the feature that records the selected items for purchase by a store visitor until the conversion process takes place. 

What is shopping cart abandonment?

Shopping cart abandonment means a customer keeps adding items to his cart but never completes the conversion process. It is one of the most talked-about issues in the world of eCommerce, whether you use WordPress or not, and one of the most crucial factors that contribute to lost sales.  

Why is it important to reduce shopping cart abandonment rates? 

Shopping cart abandonment is inversely proportional to the conversion rate. Reduced cart abandonment directly leads to increased sales and more profit. It also makes it clear that your website is functioning well. If people are leaving, it clearly indicates that there is some problem which you need to fix. If you don’t take any corrective action right away, it may lead to some more crucial issues. So, fixing the shopping cart abandonment is very important for the sake of your survival in the competitive market.  

TIP: it’s more expensive to attract new customers than converting or retaining the prospects that you already have.


Which are the main reasons behind car abandonment?

According to a Baymard study, it seems that the main reasons for cart abandonment are:

  • the extra costs that show up during the checkout process
  • while checking out users are required to create an account
  • the checkout process is too long or complicated
  • there wasn’t total cost transparency
  • delivery was slow

cart abandonment reasons


So, first things first: ask yourself if your checkout process checks some of the top reasons for cart abandonment and try to make fixes.

What to do with abandoned shopping carts? 

Everyone wants to get a lost opportunity back. If you can bring back the customers and convince them to purchase the items they abandoned, what else can be better? It is undoubtedly a challenge worth taking. And the good news is that it is not very difficult. There are tons of easy ways that you can try. 

You need to find out what is stopping the customers from converting and then address the issue. There are many tools available in the market for this purpose. You can use session recordings, heatmaps, polls, or surveys to know about the problems or inconveniences your customers are facing while making a purchase on your site. Once you know the root cause, taking a corrective measure is the matter of a few clicks.  

Suggestions given by industry experts 

Catch the customers before they leave 

The best way to fix the issue of cart abandonment is to stop the customers before they leave. Most of the time people don’t convert because they face some technical problems while completing the transaction process. Many times they don’t understand how to proceed. You can use live chats to address the issues your customers are facing. You can use the best in the class graphic designs for engaging your visitors. If you can guide them through the process, the rate of cart abandonment will start decreasing in a few days. 

Bring back the lost customers with abandoned cart email 

Abandoned cart emails are personalized mails sent to the abandoned customers that carry remainder messages. Craft your message with a touching emotional appeal. Add appealing images along with CTAs. Through email, you can also directly address the issue your customers faced and inform them that the issue is resolved. But, there is a disadvantage of this tool. You can target only the people who have provided their email ids.   


Retarget the abandoned carts through remarketing ads 

Remarketing through targeting ads is one of the most powerful tools for abandoned cart recovery. It lets you deliver personalized ad content to lost customers. Show persuasive images with emotional taglines or messages and add a CTA  to your ad. It works better if you can give a discount or another exciting offer. 

You can place the ads on Youtube, Facebook, or any other social media platform. If your ads are appealing, your customers will feel an urge to come back and buy the abandoned products.

Retargeting is done through display ads. Your ads get matched to the content of your business or to your consumer’s interests. Display ads can appear across a network of more than two million sites & apps, reaching 90% of the people on the internet.

Show push notification 

Push notifications are device-specific opt-ins. They can be used as a very powerful tool for remarketing to send personalized push notifications to abandoned customers after regular intervals. It gives a really exciting result if you can design your notification effectively. Add eye-catching photographs and give some offers like discounts or gift vouchers to encourage impulsive purchases. 

Use exit intent pop-ups 

An exit intent pop-up is a pop-up that appears when a customer is about to leave. An exit intent pop up with a sense of urgency often gives unexpected results. Design the pop-up nicely, use eye-catching images, and communicate some value through your messages. You can give some offer and say that the offer is valid for only a few days. It may encourage customers to buy.     

Send personalized social media messages 

Personalized social media messages hit the most sensitive touchpoints. The added advantage of using social media messaging systems is it saves money as it is an unpaid tool. A nicely crafted message with touching images of the abandoned items may excite the costumes to go for purchase. The Facebook bot is a popular tool for messaging and remarketing. You can use it to get your lost opportunity back. 

How can HumCommerce help you with cart abandonment? 

HumCommerce is an all-in-one WordPress tool for visitors’ behavior analysis and conversion rate optimization. It analyzes the traffic of your website and prepares a report of the issues that stops the users from converting. The advanced session recording features let you find out exactly where and on which page a visitor left your site and take corrective actions to reduce your shopping cart abandonment rate

The specialty of HumCommerce is, it lets you play the visitors’ recording at many different speeds as per your needs. You can monitor individual session recordings thoroughly. The plugin lets you track every single action taken by your visitors on your site. It helps you to identify the most performing pages and locate what is distracting the viewers. This gives you an idea about which element works best for your target audiences. If you can redesign your site as per the preferences of your potential customers, it is highly likely that you will get more visitors, and the conversion rate will increase. 

The plugin allows you to jump to some specific pages directly and skip some pages. You can also pause the paying of the season recording for some time if you need. It saves you time and gives you a chance to study some selected sessions as per your requirements. There are features to fix the broken links and change the user interface to fix the issue of cart abandonment. 

A step-by-step guide to using HumCommerce to analyze cart abandonment

  • Install and activate the free WooCommerce plugin, you can download it from the official website of the plugin.
  •  Accept the terms and conditions
  • Now hit  the “Click to complete set up” button 
  • The process of visitors recording will start automatically 
  • After 24 – 48 hours, you will receive a notification mail from the HumCommerce team saying the data is ready for view 
  • Access the data directly from your WordPress dashboard 
  • Get 20 session recordings with issues daily
  • You will receive email alerts every day about the previous day’s recording 
  • The alert is sent to your registered email id, you can change it anytime if you need 
  • HumCommerce stores data for the last 7 days in your database. You can access them any time 
  • Until you deactivate the plugin, the process will keep continuing 
  • Fix the issues that are highlighted by the plugin and see the rate of cart abandonment decreasing in a few days 

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You can not fix the issue of cart abandonment for your WordPress online store completely. This is a harsh reality. Some people will leave your site for various reasons. You can not satisfy every single customer as everyone’s choice is different. You can just reduce the rate using tools like HumCommerce.

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