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Product Review

6 Ways to Get More Product Reviews from Your Customers

What is the first thing consumers do before making a purchase? The answer is to do research. It seems that 90% of consumers only decide to buy after reading online reviews. The product reviews need to be positive, of course. In other words, product reviews can help you as a company in many ways. They…
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optimize WordPress site for voice search

How to Optimize Your WordPress Website for Voice Search

Or guest today is Nicholas Rubright from Writer, the AI writing assistant. Writer is trusted by top teams at Accenture, inVision, Deloitte, and many more. The topic for today is a burning one: voice search and how to optimize your website for it. Let’s roll! Voice search has rapidly gained popularity as a search tool…
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launch an app

How to Launch and Grow an App

From mobile banking to restaurants to fitness centers, most businesses are including mobile apps in their marketing and communications with customers. In fact, up to 42 percent of millennial-owned businesses have their own apps to increase sales or provide an alternative app store (you can add it nicely to the Choose the best app store…
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Valentine's Day marketing strategies

10 Best Valentine’s Day Marketing Strategies to Get More Sales

Depositphotos is a content marketplace with headquarters in New York, USA. The Depositphotos library has over 230 million files, including royalty-free stock photos, vector images, video clips, and editorial files. With more than 28 million clients, Depositphotos really knows marketing. And they are today’s blog guest on a very “sweet” topic: Valentine’s Day marketing campaigns.…
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website copywriting

Website Copywriting Principles: No Loose Ends

So you’ve decided to start a blog or build a website. Besides figuring out how to design your site, you also need to figure out how to write and to keep your visitors engaged with the content.  “I was quite good at writing essays in school. What else could I need?” Realities quickly dampen the…
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B2B vs B2C video marketing

The Difference between B2B and B2C Video Marketing

A general analysis of all business transactions will reveal two primary types: Business to Consumer (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B). Although both are quite similar in many aspects, there are crucial differences that every marketer must know. Video marketing can greatly benefit both types of businesses. But the video marketing template that suits the…
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WordPress Branding: Prepare Your Website for Success

The size, scope, and amount of data on the Internet are expanding at a rapid rate with every single second. According to Netcraft’s November 2020 Web Server Survey, more than 1.2 billion websites are functioning on the internet. On WordPress alone, approximately 1200 websites are built daily. With such an impressive number of active websites…
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Raul Galera - Referral Candy

Best Referral Program Examples to Double Your Customer Base

Hello, folks! It’s our last “Learn from” article for 2020! Our guests today have run referral programs for over 30,000 online stores and counting!  Raul Galera, Partner Manager at ReferralCandy, will provide some great referral program examples that will inspire you to tackle a new marketing channel for your own business.  Let’s hear him out!…
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WordPress conversion rate

How Can Video Marketing Boost Your WordPress Conversion Rates

Let’s say your WordPress site is up and running. What now? It’s time to bring in the visitors and hopefully convert those visitors into life-long customers. However, improving your WordPress conversion rates isn’t a walk in the park, especially when the competition is fierce. Only about 22% of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates.…
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cart abandonment

How To Analyze Cart Abandonment for Your WordPress Online Store

Struggling to reduce the rate of your cart abandonment? No need to worry anymore. We have an easy solution to your problem. It will help you to fix the issue within minutes. In his article, we will tell you how to recover an abandoned cart following just a few easy steps. At the end of…
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How to Kickstart Your Wordpress Website with No Coding Skills

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