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11 Fast WordPress Security Tips to Instantly Protect Your Site

As the world’s most popular website builder powering 35% of the internet in 2020,  WordPress can face security issues and is vulnerable to hacking attempts. In fact, according to statistics from more than 40,000 WordPress websites, over 70% of WordPress installations are susceptible to cybercriminal activity. It’s not just WordPress under threat. Each website on…
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How to Add a Contact Form in WordPress

  It’s one of the most important things you should know for building your WP site: how to add a contact form in WordPress. The contact form is usually part of the contact page. And a contact page is essential for pretty much every website. It is clear proof the company is real, offers transparency…
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How to Duplicate a Page in WordPress?

  It’s very simple to learn how to duplicate a page in WordPress. Let’s see: In some cases, duplicating pages in a WordPress website might be more helpful than creating a new page from scratch. When you duplicate a page or post, you take all information related to that page (author, category, tag, Meta Data…
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Change WordPress Theme the Right Way

  You want to change your current WordPress theme, but you’re afraid you’ll lose your data? This article will show you how to change your theme the right way.   Why would you change your theme, first?   Multiple reasons for this: you might consider the current theme outdated, as you’ve used it for several…
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How to Customize the 404 Error Page in WordPress?

What does 404 page mean, in fact? Let’s start with the beginning: what does a 404-error page mean, after all? A 404-error page means a broken link. It means that the content users searched for on that page doesn’t exist or it does no longer exist. 404 is the status code a web server displays…
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How to Kickstart Your Wordpress Website with No Coding Skills

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