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The Key Role of a Website Tagline

What is a tagline on a website?   A website tagline, together with the site title, defines that site identity. While the title sums up what the site is about, the tagline develops the title in a descriptive phrase telling more about the company’s activity. A tagline is key in connecting the company with its…
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How to Disable Comments in WordPress?

  Today, you’ll learn how to disable comments in WordPress, and why you should do so. WordPress has favoured the creation of many blogs. Therefore, a feature related to comments for blog posts was more than welcome. There are options for comment moderation, and you can thus build a community around your blog posts. However,…
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Why and How to Add a Favicon to Your Website

  It’s simple and useful to add a favicon to your website… You’ve probably heard of favicons. However, people often neglect and overlook them in the process of website design. Well, they shouldn’t…   What’s a favicon?   A favicon is a favourite icon. It’s also known as site icon. It’s a small image representative…
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How to Set a Featured Image in WordPress?

Today you’ll learn how to set a featured image in WordPress. In today’s world, text needs to be accompanied by expressive images or self-speaking videos. It’s crucial to embellish plain text with visuals, so you capture users’ attention and make them stay on page. Setting featured images is especially important in case of blog posts.…
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How and Why to Create a WordPress Multisite?

  In many cases, installing WordPress and creating a website will do. However, there might be some other cases, when a WordPress multiste (managing multiple websites from a WordPress network) will do better.   What is WordPress multisite?   A WordPress multisite allows for the creation of a network of sites within one single WordPress…
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WordPress Custom Page Template

  We’ll show you how to create a WordPress custom page template. By the end of the article, you’ll know what a custom page means, how to create one and where to find it in your WordPress, and also how to edit a custom page you added in WordPress.   What is a custom page…
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How to… WordPress?

If you decide to build a site in WordPress, it’s time to learn some WordPress tips and tricks. That’s the purpose of this article, to introduce you to a few tips on how to… WordPress.   How to install WordPress?   It’s very simple to install WordPress. Go to and find the download link…
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Best SEO plugins for WordPress

Any website needs visibility in search engines. And so it needs some of the best SEO plugins for WordPress (if the site is built upon this platform). They have to be indexed and well ranked, to gain visibility and draw people’s attention. And for this, a website needs SEO. While the number of websites built…
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How to change background color in a WordPress website?

Setting a fine background for the pages of a website is important in web design. We’ll show you how to change background color in WordPress. As the background can enhance a website expressiveness, and better emphasize content. Different designs based on different uses of background colors You can change color for: A section in a…
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Website Backup and Best Practices

You’ll always need a website backup. Issues might come up any time; don’t think your website is invulnerable to attacks or you can’t lose data you’ve so preciously gathered for a long time now. But there’s a solution to avoid such issues (or at least minimize their risk). It is called Backup. Backup your website…
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How to Kickstart Your Wordpress Website with No Coding Skills

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