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Brown Color Palettes for Exceptional Websites

Brown color palettes are indicative of certain meanings in websites. Brown is the color of earth, it signifies steadfastness, stability and balance. Also, it implies reliability and friendliness, as well as simplicity, that’s why it’s a good idea to choose a brown color palette for your website. When included in a website color scheme, brown…
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Inspiring Red Color Palettes for Websites

peop Red color palettes transmit strong messages too website users. Red is a powerful color. And it has different meanings, that come to life depending on the context where they belong. Among the connotations of red and red color palettes: Luxury – red is the color of opulence, abundance and richness. It might indicate luxury…
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10 Top Website Hero Images and Best Practices to Create Your Own

The Hero section plays a key role in a website’s design. The website Hero images can have a great impact upon users. It’s the first thing they see in a website they land on. It’s the starting point of a curious exploration or some quick skimming of a website. But what gives a Hero image…
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What Makes an Event Website Perfect?

An event website should perfectly reflect the event itself. It has to be as suggestive as possible, and create an agreeable atmosphere around the event. Its purpose is to function as an invitation for each and every visitor of the website, and be an incentive for them to buy tickets or register for the respective…
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Silver Color Palette for Websites

This time, we’ll cover significance and effects of a special website color scheme: the silver color palette. First, it would be nice to have a clear picture of silver color palettes and their influence on design. What are the effects of a silver color palette?   Silver in a website page makes that page shine.…
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Vertical Menu for a Plus of Originality and Practicality

=. An important piece in web design, the menu has a fundamental role in orienting visitors within a website content. As you know, you can display the menu horizontally or vertically. In this latter case, the vertical menu has to be a wise choice. In fact, a wiser choice than the already classical horizontal menu.…
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Orange and Blue Color Palette for Websites

Orange and blue are complementary colors. There’s no better combination than to use orange and blue in the same website, and attract attention towards it. In the following lines, we’ll show you some examples of a successful orange and blue palette in websites. Perhaps they’ll inspire you in your work.   Vitrinesurlareleve     This…
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Photography Icons and Their Use in Websites

  First of all, what’s a photography icon? What’s its use and why should you pay attention to the right selection of photography icons? Photography icons are small icons designers use to include in websites. Their role is to refer to content or content bits that relate to photography. Photography professionals will need the most…
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Mint Color Palette that Works Wonders for a Website

  A mint color palette can really work wonders for a website. Let’s see how: As refreshing as you say “mint”… this can be an effect that’s really undreamt of, for websites. A suitable color combination will work wonders for your website pages. More precisely, it will take that website out of anonymity and into…
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Turquoise Color Schemes for Websites

Turquoise is an interesting color. And turquoise color schemes stir up curiosity . Both in real life and online, it is deemed a perfectly visible color, intriguing and extremely eloquent, at the same time. In today’s article, we’ll focus on the online use of turquoise, in interesting combinations that make websites stand out. More precisely,…
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How to Kickstart Your Wordpress Website with No Coding Skills

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