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Website Wireframes to Start a Successful Design Process

  First, what are website wireframes? They are visual representations of a website scheme, the skeletal framework of a website. It has no added colors, color schemes, logo, specific fonts or elaborate content. It serves only as a guide showing how the website will look like in its final form.   Creating a website wireframe…
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Minimalist Website Fonts that Make Your Content Stand Out

  Minimalist fonts can make a website stand out from the crowd. Thorough selection of fonts can make the difference between a common website and an edgy one. Fonts give text content high legibility, making it easy to browse, read and understand. Thus, a website’s message reaches its target more effectively.   First, what are…
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Website Design Ideas and Inspiration

If you lack inspiration for your website design, stop pondering. If you want ideas for your website design, better start reading this. It all begins with a website plan. With the plan in front of your eyes, you’ll get a clearer idea of what website you want to create. That website has to be both…
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Blog Design Secrets to Keep Your Readers Hooked

  The online world is unlimited space where blogs abound. So, how to stay competitive amongst so many blogs? You should, however, make a living from blogging, to name it successful. Before monetization, there is a community: you can easily monetize a blog with an already-formed community, so focus on creating a strong community. Before…
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Design the Best Contact Us Page

OK, so users land on your contact page. What will they find? What should they find? After users have browsed through your pages, they’ll find a contact page that reinforces positivity or negativity in their perceiving the website.   After all, the contact page might be the reason why a whole website has been created.…
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Scrolling Text Made Easy – 4 Ways to Set It Up

What is scrolling text? Scrolling text is text that moves onto a website page, by following the direction you define for it. It is dynamically displayed and has the properties you have set for this. Types of such text: Classic (the text is scrolling onto the page in an infinite number of iterations)   See…
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Why These 21+ Website Color Schemes Work So Well

How Do Color Schemes Contribute to a Website Personality? The Key Element for a Good Color Scheme The 3 Types of Colors that Matter for a Website Components of a Color The 3 Ways Colors Can Be Combined Models According to Which Colors Combine Emotions that a Good Color Scheme is Supposed to Arise Put…
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9 Awesome Microsites and How to Make Your Own

Microsites are a good way to strengthen your marketing efforts. However, without a clear understanding of their role and functions, microsites will be just another gathering of web pages, waiting for their visitors to come. In the following lines, besides an understanding of microsites, we let you in on the secrets that make microsites effective…
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website mockup

20+ Website Mockup Tools and Templates for Quick Ideas

If you’re searching for some useful resources regarding a website mockup, you’ve come to the right place. Because, yes, every site building should start with a website mockup. This is especially true for start-ups. Sometimes, you don’t need to bother with online tools. The simplest way to draw the sketch of a website is to…
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website planning

How to Make a Website Outline the Right Way

It all starts with planning. Everyone who wants to build a website should think of planning first. For the website outline to take form, you have to start from the beginning:   What you should take into account when creating your website outline Put your main content front and center (for eCommerce sites, you’ll show…
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How to Kickstart Your Wordpress Website with No Coding Skills

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