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Choosing a WordPress theme

7 Elements to Check Before Choosing a WordPress Theme

Let’s start with some numbers: WordPress powers 43% of all websites on the internet with knows CMS’es 500+ new WordPress websites go live every day The WordPress directory features 55,000+ plugins The point I’m trying to bring home with these statistics is that WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS today, and, sure thing, there’re…
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website stock images

All You Need to Know about Using Stock Photos on Your WordPress Site

When you’re working on your content marketing or require images for your website, or anything else, you’ll probably think of using stock images since they come with obvious benefits.  They are images that anybody may license or buy for creative use instead of hiring a photographer or investing in a professional camera. You may easily…
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WordPress heatmap plugins

10 Best Heatmap Tools and Plugins for WordPress Sites

A heatmap is a graphical representation of data that shows the hottest parts of a website based on visitor interaction. Heatmaps allow you to see how people relate to your site by tracking their screen movements. They help you analyze your site content, monitor conversion rates, and identify where users may be having problems navigating…
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WordPress breadcrumbs

The Fundamental Guide to Adding WordPress Breadcrumbs

Want to reduce bounce rates, improve website navigation, boost SEO, and offer amazing user experiences? Of course you do! But if you’re not using breadcrumbs as part of your website, you’re missing out on a great opportunity. Breadcrumbs enhance site navigation by helping users to travel through your web pages more easily (via a trail…
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WordPress forms

How to Add a Contact Form in WordPress (UPDATE 2021)

This is one of the most important things you should know when creating your WP site: how to add a contact form in WordPress. Most websites in the world make use of contact forms. If it’s not obvious why, let me give you some clues: you can get more leads because you make it very…
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WordPress Pop-Up Plugins: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Pop-ups, you’ve definitely seen them across many websites. They are windows that show up on a site when you read an article or try to exit. Their main purpose is to grow a business’ email list (aka acquiring leads). Some marketing folks love them, some don’t. Some website visitors might feel annoyed by them. But…
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How to Handle WordPress Users

As your website grows, and more people will start having access to it, you’ll need to understand how to manage WordPress users and their permissions. So, whenever someone registers on your site, it gets assigned a specific role when the account is created. There are certain roles that you can assign to your WordPress users,…
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WordPress chatbots

Let’s Talk about Bots, WordPress Chatbots

Chatbots…you’ve seen them before. But how can you implement a WordPress chatbot? Well, I’m gonna tell you in a sec. First I want you to understand that on a site we can have both live chat and chatbots, often provided by the same service provider. Live chat allows for human interaction, while chatbots use automation…
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wordpress website migration

How to Protect Your SEO During a WordPress Website Migration: Mission Complete

Moving your website from one domain/protocol/content/platform to another may look like a nightmare. And a big workload is not the only problem in this situation, huge troubles may come the moment everything is done. You may lose traffic, and your SEO ranking may dip for a while. If the migration was done correctly, such a…
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WordPress lead generation

The Chronicles of WordPress Lead Generation

Most businesses have two main goals:  attracting new customers, retaining old customers. But, before getting to that new customer, there’s a long way ahead. First, you need to get relevant traffic, then convert that traffic into leads or customers. Most of the visitors won’t engage with you or buy from you. That’s a fact. They…
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How to Kickstart Your Wordpress Website with No Coding Skills

[Marketing plan included]