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WordPress carousels

All You Need to Know About WordPress Carousels

Carousels, sliders, galleries, people often get confused about them. And designers still seem not to agree on their definition. So, here are the definitions I feel comfortable with: A slider is any web element that rotates through. It can contain images, videos, images, and text, etc. They can be managed manually by the user, or…
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Develop mobile app

How Can Having a Mobile App Help Your WooCommerce Store?

WooCommerce is an ideal eCommerce solution for WordPress website owners. You can scale a simple WordPress website to create an online store in minutes with WooCommerce. While it may be packaged as a simple plugin, WooCommerce is an extremely powerful tool to create an online eCommerce brand. If you already have a WooCommerce store, you…
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WordPress subscribe to blog

How to Create a Newsletter Subscription for Your WordPress Blog

Do you plan on developing a blog for your WordPress website? Then you’ll definitely want to send out a newsletter to your most avid fans and readers.  So, it’s time to find out how to run a blog subscription in WordPress!  I this article we’re going to talk about: The benefits of running a subscription.…
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WordPress forms

How to Create WordPress Forms for Better User Engagement

Many aspects contribute to the overall user experience of your website – whether they are pages, posts, layouts, images, WordPress forms, and so on. In order for a website to be successful, catchy, and visually appealing to users, you need to pay attention to these elements. Therefore, if you own a WordPress website and you’ve…
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WordPress polls

How to Use WordPress Polls to Improve UX (Plugin Recommendation Included)

Ensuring your website has a seamless user experience should be a top priority for your development team and your marketing team. Having a good user experience means more website visitors and more conversions. But how can you ensure that your website visitors get the best experience possible? Well, by asking them directly! And the best…
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WordPress background images

How to Add a WordPress Background Image to Any Web Page

I’m gonna keep this intro really short. Here’s what we’re going to discuss in this article: What are background images What’s the thing with parallax backgrounds? How to add background images to your WordPress website How to approach image size in WordPress Ready, steady? Let’s go!   What are background images? Background images are images…
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How to Integrate LinkedIn With WordPress 

If you want to infuse your website with a dose of professionalism you might be considering integrating LinkedIn with your WordPress website. Because LinkedIn is the most popular social network for professionals, there is no reason why you shouldn’t use the popularity of this network to your advantage.  Integrating LinkedIn and your WordPress website can…
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WordPress analytics

The Ins and Outs of WordPress and Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tracking tool that gives you detailed reports of how users behave on your website: where are they from, from what devices they browse, how they scroll or interact with different elements of your site (videos, carousels, buttons, etc.). Most of all, by using Google Analytics you’ll understand which marketing channels…
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wordpress galleries

Why Do You Need WordPress Galleries for Your Website?

We all are art lovers – even if we create it or just admire it. However, each masterpiece should be displayed in a mesmerizing way. How is that possible? By creating beautiful galleries and showcasing them on your website. So, if you are an art creator and want to share your vision with the world,…
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Embed videos to WordPress

How to Embed Video in WordPress the Easy Way (UPDATED 2021)

Videos make a site expressive. Videos give life to website presentations. If an image is worth 60,000 words, a video is worth way much more. And this is kinda obvious when you realize that in June 2021 TikTok was the most downloaded app for the 4th month in a row! And Youtube has +2 billion…
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How to Kickstart Your Wordpress Website with No Coding Skills

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