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25+ Best Free WordPress Themes for Various Niches [UPDATED 2022]

There are over 9000 free WordPress themes on But which one is for you? Now, when you want to create a WordPress website you will need to: Figure out the domain name then purchase the domain. You could use BrandRoot for inspiration. Buy a website hosting plan. Choose a free WordPress theme. This means…
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WordPress portfolio theme

19 Free and Paid WordPress Portfolio Themes that’ll Make Your Website Stand Out [UPDATED 2022]

Whether you work as a designer, a photographer, or a freelancer, you will definitely need to build an online presence via a website. Your social media accounts are not enough. In order to be credible, you need a website that is able to reflect your skills, know-how, and projects. You can most easily make a…
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It’s Easy to Build Charity Websites with Colibri

  Colibri Charity is a demo developed for non-profit, charity organizations who need a solid presence in the online medium. In this medium, well-designed charity websites could be the means to reach a broader audience and collect funds at a larger level. More than that, having a charity website is the main condition for online…
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How to Create a Coaching Website

Ok, you’re a coach and you want to have a coaching website and better promote your counselling services. The first pace is to create a website and have an online identity. But how do you know if your website will be a success? Simply, by following these tips:   1. Choose an appropriate domain name…
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Among Our Latest Demo Sites: Colibri Garden

Built with Colibri, this template will help you create a beautiful site of your own. Because all sites created with Colibri are meant to make an impression. And because you deserve to make an impression online. Playing with colors, observing coherence: Outburst of colors, audacity in your work: Dare to use color, it’s never been…
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WordPress Resume Themes – Best Collection (with Videos)

  Business cards and standard CVs have evolved to resume websites and WordPress resume themes. A website is currently the top-notch solution for being found and selected for projects.   What should a resume theme include?   What matters most is the layout. It needs to be adaptable to the CV format you want to…
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10+ Free One-Page WordPress Themes

To quickly put your business online, a one-page website might be the perfect fit. If you count at least 3 of the special one-page features below as important to your website, you should consider the free one-page WordPress themes listed in this article:   Features of a one-page website and of free one-page WordPress themes…
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WordPress Business Themes

  Here’s a list of top 20 WordPress business themes. Because when you say business website, you say professionalism. Business and corporate presentations have distinct features. And with such features, they can make or break a company’s progress and flow of clients.   So, pay attention to the following must-haves of the WordPress business themes:…
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How to create a vineyard website

.To create a vineyard website, it shouldn’t take long. We created the template for Vineyard, you’ll start customizing it in just a few minutes. Login to the app, click on CREATE NEW SITE and give a name to your new project. Select Vineyard from our list of available templates, and start customizing it according to…
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How to create a conference website

To market your conferences and events, you need a conference website. As an organizer of conferences, you need a professional website that recommends users those events, through design, presentation and communication style. Colibriwp helps you create a website for conferences, by providing you a template specially created for this niche. You have to login to…
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How to Kickstart Your Wordpress Website with No Coding Skills

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