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How to create a wedding planner website

To create a wedding planner website, it’s as simple as that. You only have to login to the Colibriwp app, and create a new project. Scroll down the list of available templates, and find Wedding. Then, you can start customizing your Wedding website, according to your preferences.   Customize Hero   To change the photo…
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How to create a makeup studio website

  You can easily build a makeup studio website by starting from the Colibriwp template. Login to the platform and choose the Makeup template. You’ll be taken to the Customizer, where you’ll adjust settings, text, images, links, buttons to create your own website.     Header You need to customize the 2 sections in the…
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How to create an architecture studio website

  To build an architecture studio website, you have to create a new project, give it a suggestive name and choose the demo you’ll make customizations to. It’ll be easy to get accustomed to the various functionalities Colibriwp makes available for you: you click inside an element in the Customizer and the corresponding settings will…
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How to create a personal resume website

For a Resume website, you need to have a good start. So, we already thought about it and integrated a demo for Resume websites. Give a name to your new project and browse the list of demo sites, to find Resume:   This is how your working interface will look like. To change every image…
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How to create an SEO agency website

  If you want to start building a SEO agency website, our Colibriwp demo will help you a lot. Login to and go to the list of demos, where you’ll find the demo for SEO services. By clicking Start with SEO, you’ll go to the Customizer, where you can easily change settings so as…
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How to create a print shop website

  To create a print shop website, you can use the template for Print available in the list of Colibriwp templates. Login to the app and choose the template for Print. You’ll be taken to the Customizer, where you can start customizing your own website.     Insert a logo for your website Let’s start…
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How to create a barber website

For Barber, Colibri has you covered with a template that allows you to customize the website according to your needs.   You just have to login with your credentials in and click on CREATE NEW SITE. Scroll down the list of demos, and you’ll find the Barber demo, waiting for you to customize and…
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How to create a gym website

You don’t need to start from scratch in building a fitness and gym website. Colibri has you covered. We provide a template for fitness and gym; you can customize it to reflect your company and brand personality. Login to with the username and password you’ve chosen. Click on CREATE NEW SITE and you’ll be…
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Top 10+ Feminine WordPress Themes

There’s no better time to start making your vision a reality, than before New Year comes. Twelve months are waiting for you to reap the benefits of making your dream their dream and success. Women’s success. To start from the beginning and set your feminine website/blog on its way to excellence, you need one of…
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How to create a yoga presentation website

To create a website for Yoga courses, you’ll only need to start a new project from the Yoga template in our list:   To begin customizing it, you have to click on CREATE NEW SITE and choose a name for your project. Then, after selecting Yoga, you’ll be able to customize the website sections and…
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How to Kickstart Your Wordpress Website with No Coding Skills

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