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How to create a pet center presentation website

In case you want to create a pet center website, ColibriWP has you covered. We made available a demo website, so you don’t start from scratch in building your own website. The template for Pets Clinic might serve as inspiration and a good start for designing your website. You need to login to the app,…
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How to create a small business presentation website

If you’ve reached this page, chances are you need a business website. And soon. It couldn’t be simpler than with Colibriwp, especially if you use the demo for Business. All you have to do is login to the platform, click on CREATE NEW SITE and give an easily identifiable name to your new website. Then…
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How to create a construction services website

There’s no need to start your construction website from scratch. You only need to login to your account, click on CREATE NEW SITE and give a name to the project. Once you have selected the Constructions demo website, you are ready to start customizing it to your preferences.   Hero content   You can add…
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How to create a school website

It’s simple to create a school website starting from a Colibriwp template. You have to login to the app and choose the School template you’ll further customize.   The information of a school website has to be well-structured and organized in a simple manner, for ease of navigation. The menu has 3 key items (Welcome,…
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How to create an interior design presentation website

With Colibriwp, there’s a demo for almost every website you want to create. Today, we’ll show you how to create an interior design website. You need to click on Create New Site, name your new project and choose the Interior Design demo to work on. Change Hero You can change the Hero, so as to…
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How to Build a Restaurant Website like No Other

  There’s tough competition in the restaurant market and for a restaurant website. That’s why having a website is no longer a fancy, it’s a pre-requisite. And you should design it extremely well.   However, the distance from necessary website to exquisite, outstanding restaurant website might be overwhelming. To consider each and every aspect of…
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How to Build a Creative Agency Website

  The need for creative agency has been increasing lately. More and more companies want an impressive identity, and here’s where the work of a creative agency comes in. In their turn, creative agencies need exquisitely designed websites that recommend them appropriately as creators of company branding and web design.   Here’s a list of…
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How to Kickstart Your Wordpress Website with No Coding Skills

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