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WordPress menus

The WordPress Menus Diaries: Beginners Guide [Tips and Tricks]

Do you want to create a WordPress menu and don’t know where to start?   This article will shine a light on the types of menus available and also the methods at your disposal to build such menus.   But, first things, first: What can you include in WordPress menus?   Pages. You can add…
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WordPress Menus

WordPress Dropdown Menus in a Nutshell [Creation and Styling Tips Included]

WordPress dropdown menus on today’s menu!   Site navigation is of the utmost importance when developing your website. It affects the ways your visitors interact with your website, products. Their purchasing behavior will be decided by the structure of your website.   Dropdown menus (also called nested menus) help you solve for limited menu space.…
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Wix vs WordPress builders

Wix vs WordPress Builders: How I Created the Same Web Page in Both Tools

Or at least I tried…   Wix vs WordPress, place your bets!   True story: I wanted to play with the free versions of the Wix website builder and a WordPress builder and see the end results. I picked Colibri for the task because it lets users build everything in a single interface.   The…
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Custom HTML

6 Methods for WordPress HTML Editing

WordPress HTML editing: a boogeyman?   Hold your horses…   It’s not like that.   We all know that WordPress is very flexible. Depending on the tools you use (themes, WordPress builders, plugins, add-ons, widgets) you can play with blocks and drag and drops. No coding required.  From time to time you might want to…
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custom CSS WordPress

How to Deal with WordPress Custom CSS

Tiny pieces of code have the power to beautify and stylize websites and make them stand out, be it a WordPress website or a web-designer made one.    CSS styling allows you to change just about any element of your website. You can add features, colors, space, or design a whole new layout! In fact,…
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Video making

5 Methods To Embed Videos in Your WordPress Website [Video Creation Tips Included]

Images and videos always let you tell better stories than text. Embedding videos in your WordPress website (posts or pages) is an important part of creating user engagement but can also help out with Google’s organic ranking.    Now, did you know that 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand…
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WordPress sidebars

Dos and Don’ts for WordPress Sidebars

Back to basics.   There are 4 website sections that can help out with the navigation structure:   Primary navigation menu (usually placed above the website header) Footer Left sidebar Right sidebar   Sadly, sidebars are often overlooked or misunderstood.   Let’s solve this once and for all!   First, we’ll talk about sidebars in…
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webflow vs wordpress

Webflow vs WordPress: Which One to Use for Your Digital Agency?

Webflow vs WordPress: game on!   Website builders have opened web development for the public. Practically anyone can build a beautiful website in a matter of hours with no coding skills.  Most website builders offer enough functionality to cover the needs of individual web designers. Yet, digital agencies require specific functionalities and advanced features to…
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How to Kickstart Your Wordpress Website with No Coding Skills

[Marketing plan included]