What’s new: ColibriWP Bakery template

A new template, Colibri Bakery, is now available for use: you can start building your own website in the same niche, based on this demo:


As sweet as pink and white:



Dedicated sections for all delicious recipes:



And some sections for a delicious recipe of success:



Lists and icons to make it quick and easy to remember why people should buy from the site:



Introducing the chef behind the recipes and their secrets:



Ingredients in a menu that’s lovely to go through, in search of the best recipe:



Images and videos that promise an exquisite experience at the restaurant:



Relevant presentation of a team that cares for the restaurant and its products:




Starting from this demo, you can build your own website for bakery, in an instant. Just login, select this demo and start replacing photos, videos and text. It’s as simple as building websites with ColibriWP.

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