Additional ColibriWP Features to Explore: Slider and Carousel

The ColibriWP website builder includes some additional components you should explore: slider and carousel. These extend the possibilities to design an outstanding website, in accordance with the latest web design trends.


Slider as a ColibriWP component


Sliders are important for websites that have to be modern, with a top-notch presentation of the information and a higher degree of interactivity. Sliders are a succession of images that automatically rotate, at a certain speed, after a specific display time.

Example of slider:



Sliders are recommended because:

  • They use concise forms of presenting a key message
  • Also, they stir up users’ interest with the page content, right off the bat. Once they land on the homepage, they’ll get immersed in exploring the succession of images and texts accompanying them. Therefore, they form an idea of what the website is about, and get curious about how the short, concise presentation will develop further down the page.


ColibriWP provides different features for content, style of the slider, and advanced settings for this component.

Thus, you can apply customizations to the smallest detail.

Some of the slider settings you can use:

  • Features for each slide (upload your own images, change or remove or reorder them in the slider)
  • Features for the slider as a whole (autoplay option, set the autoplay speed, activate infinite loop, etc.)
  • Settings related to the navigation, through arrows and dots
  • Settings related to the transition from one image to another, and activation of Ken Burns effect
  • Advanced customizations allow you to tweak and refine the slider display, by adjusting border and shadow, text typography, spacing for the slider, etc.


Carousel as a ColibriWP component


A carousel is useful for making users interact with the website, from the moment they land on the page and further into the website browsing.

Example of carousel:



Carousels are recommended because:

  • They contribute to focusing attention onto the page message
  • They serve to an elegant presentation of texts
  • They help to use space effectively, as they concentrate several messages into the same space


ColibriWP offers a wide variety of features for customizing content, style and some advanced settings for configuring carousels as an expert designer.

Some features you can use for customizing carousels in ColibriWP:

  • Features for the carousel items, like adding, deleting, duplicating or reordering items
  • Features like autoplay, autoplay speed and direction
  • Using dots and arrows for navigation within carousel items
  • Adjusting transition from the displayed items to the next items that succeed to them
  • Features for style, like color, background type or background overlay
  • Advanced settings for spacing, border and shadow, as well as typography


It’s worth giving them a try, and you’ll definitely take your website design one step further.

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