ColibriWP – Overview


Unlike other website builders, ColibriWP takes off on new premises: as the name suggests, it brings color to websites, and it brings vividness to the website design process itself.

If you’re curious what Colibri creates color from, you should continue reading and give this tool a try. You’ll find for yourself what makes it stand out, and why it’s the most recommended tool for building websites: top-notch websites, with a minimum of knowledge in web design.


What’s in it for you:


Focus on visuals

  • This tool has a strong focus on visual building of a website. You’ll adjust settings and use features that have their immediate correspondent in a live preview: you’ll see how users see your pages, instantly. Colibri itself is busy with the code, and the designer has no need to have programming expertise.


Customizer of ColibriWP


Plenty of customizations you can make

  • It’s as easy as that to create a website; in fact, it takes less than an hour to set up your new website. So, your plans are likely to come alive in a matter of minutes. And customizations won’t take much longer. You only have to follow some patterns suggested for you and preview the results.


  • Colibri provides plenty of components (30+) that you use as in a puzzle to match the website you imagine; you can use them by simple drag-and-drop, and arrange them as you want, until they perfectly match the design you have in mind. Add, remove, change place and reorder the items in a page, all is at hand for you to use, try, test and experiment.


Components of ColibriWP


Predefined sections

  • We all know a visual presentation relies heavily on first impressions; Colibri knows it, too. That’s why, Colibri has plenty of options for predefined headers, all waiting to serve you in making the best first impression. They are pre-built for various niches, so you can adapt the header to the area of your company website.


Predefined sections of ColibriWP



  • With Colibri, the Hero is fully customizable. From layout to type of content that you want to populate with various types of media: image, video, image collage, etc. Each and every item can be adjusted and modified to the minutest detail.


  • Navigation, key in orienting visitors towards your most important assets, can be visually adjusted in Customizer, due to a visual presentation of layouts. You can instantly visualize the chosen layout and how it can be integrated into your website.



Advanced functions

  • Additionally, Colibri comes with advanced functions that makes your web design work easier. You benefit from the link/unlink option (2 or more items can bear the same style properties), preview changes (live checking pages in Customizer for quick adjustments), view on mobile and tablet (which accounts for 100% mobile-responsiveness), suggested color schemes (Colibri helps you decide on the best color match in your web design, showing you what works and what doesn’t), etc.




On top of that, ColibriWP comes with many templates for different niches. So you don’t have to start a website from scratch, neither imagine nor implement the design yourself; all you need is customize the pre-defined template, to best reflect your business. Because, yes, ColibriWP leaves room for adding particularities to your unique, special company.

You’re invited to build your own Colibri website! It’s your turn, now…

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