Cool Color Combos for Your Website

Choosing the right color scheme for your website is essential for a good web design. It refers to cool color combos that are pleasant to visitors, enhance content and are impactful for users.


In creating the appropriate color combination, you should take branding into consideration. Colors in site should match brand personality and, first of all, logo.


Example of logo colors matching the website design

cool color combos 1


Depending on the brand personality and values you want to convey, the color combinations might be lively, professional and reassuring, youthful, elegant, playful, or purely impressive.

To create color combinations that impress, you need to think of some cool combos that have a powerful effect onto website visitors. This article is dedicated to this very purpose, making you think of a cool color combo that’s suited for your website.


How to think of a cool color combo?


There are few directions you should follow, to find the right colors match for your website’s niche:

  • A cool color combo can boost your design, so pay special attention to the selection of colors to use in Header, in page sections, for navigation bar, images frames, footer, etc.
  • Dare to be original. This way, think of which would be your preferred color combination you’ll want to use for the website to stand out
  • Define cool color combos by unusual selections in websites, while deviation from design standards is not that radical (people need elements that make them perceive the website as familiar)


Suggestions of cool color combinations


Here are our suggestions of color combinations that might serve as inspiration for you to create your own color scheme:


1. Green & blue

Example in website:

cool color combos 2


This color scheme matches electric blue (representative of festival activities) with green (“Festival in the Forest”). Blue and green are not expected to match well, except for natural rendering of green forest and blue sky/water. This time, certain tints of green and blue are made to match, in a presentation that’s perfectly suited for an events website.


2. Pink & black

Example in website:

cool color combos 3


To combine pink and black is quite unusual, and challenging for users. Black is part of a gradient, to achieve a certain grey tint where pink appears next to it. Not so common, this color scheme invites users to pay higher attention to that page content, as impressive content follows the color scheme and design.


3. Yellow & black

Example in website:

cool color combos 4


The effect of this colors combination relies on powerful contrast. Yellow is brighter when put next to black, and black gives clear delimitations to the yellow shining in the page. Also, text in black clearly presents the mission statement for the company. Both yellow and black have minimal representations, in a great white space surrounding them.


4. Red & dark blue

Example in website:


Different tints of red adapt well to navy blue. As it’s not so common, this color combination works effectively for impactful websites, like the creative agency in the example above. This color combo plays its role in raising awareness and driving attention towards what the company has to say.

We hope the above examples are a good start for putting your creativity to work and finding the cool color combo which your website needs, and can properly communicate with its users.

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