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Woohoo! New guest for our “Learn from” series: SlideModel. is a top leading provider of editable presentation templates. Founded in 2013, serves thousands of clients around the world with a diverse customer base, including from small and medium-sized businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Today, the Director and co-owner, Germán Viera, will explain to us how to embed PowerPoint presentations to a WordPress website. Let’s find out!

The dynamic business era of today demands companies to stay one step ahead of their competition. It becomes imperative for you to design a splendid website for digital showcasing if you own a business. WordPress is an excellent medium to build your websites. It is one of the leading content management software (CMS) that helps to construct websites, e-commerce portals, blogs, and much more. 

WordPress websites embedded with a stunning PowerPoint presentation allows you to magnet promising leads. Professional firms use slideshows to educate and persuade audiences. These presentations on your website can range from how-to guides to demo videos of your new product. SlideModel offers avant-garde slides themes catering to every niche for creating top-notch decks. 


Why you must embed PowerPoint in WordPress websites

or Google Slides, or any other type of slides.

Visual Information

It becomes convenient for your audience to understand your business with the visual appeal of presentations. You can engage your visitors on a whole new level since a compelling presentation informs, educates, motivates, and persuades the audience. 

Moreover, it also helps your business in retaining the customers as the presentation helps establish trust with the audience. It doesn’t matter in what domain your business is in! You can build presentations about sales, marketing, or internal communication and embed the same on the website to garner and retain the attention of the visitors.



Visual information is not only interactive but time-saving as well. By including engaging slides on your website, you can aid your visitors to grasp the gist of the business without putting in much effort. In other terms, your client will gather all the information from your presentation through only a glance.


Today, the customers have prominent expectations & they are in a constant hurry! Effectively presenting business information such as vision, mission, pricing, or technical characteristics can help you woo the visitors, establish trust with them and convert them to a customer.


SEO & Conversion Rate Boost

A presentation on your blog or website increases your SEO if you combine it with SEO tools like keywords. You will experience a decrease in bounce rates on your website and more conversion rate. Modern and contemporary slideshows help to build a credible portfolio on your website. 



Your slide designs can also help to divulge information about your products and freebies in an intuitive fashion. Your website becomes more interactive and intriguing as a presentation built with perfection makes it easier to engage with the audience.

Moreover, through a higher level of engagement, you can get your message across to the audience effectively and persuade them to take a call to action. Once you have crafted your perfect deck, all there is left to do is embed it on your website. This blog post will feature five methods to embed your presentation in your WordPress websites. 


5 golden tips for embedding PowerPoint presentations into WordPress websites

Now, WordPress allows you to upload all sorts of media inside a page or post: images, videos, audio, and documents, via its Media Library. Now, If you want more features and options when embedding your PowerPoint, you could always use some of the great plugins out there.

Embed with WordPress

Don’t wish to go to any other website for embedding your presentation? You can choose to embed it with WordPress effortlessly as well. This method lets you upload your file on WordPress and insert a link. It will allow your users to download the PPT on your page and view it on their systems.

Begin by choosing the page section where you want your embedded slide deck. Select the WordPress Text Editor option and choose the ‘Add Media’ tab. You can select either the Browser uploader or Flash uploader option. With this, your post gets embedded with a hyperlink by selecting the ‘Insert to Page’ option. 


Embed with WordPress Plugins

WordPress offers a host of plugins in their repository to help you personalize your website.

Now, here’s a tutorial on how to install any WordPress plugin, in less than 3 minutes.

They contain loads of extensions that help to make your presentation perfect. Build your presentations with striking PowerPoint slide templates and embed them easily with the following plugins.

  • Embed Any Document – Through this option, you can host your slideshow on the server of your WordPress website from your computer’s drive. Head over to the plugins section and download Embed Any Document. After installing and activating, you can go to its general settings and set the presentation ratios. 

You can select the website page where you want it and select the ‘Add Document’ option. It will upload your presentation. Now, click on the ‘Insert’ option to add the shortcode to your page. The best part is that there is no requirement for any Flash or Adobe reader.Add PowerPoint to WordPress with Embed Any Document


  • SlideOnline – This easy-to-use plugin will help you in embedding your presentation slides seamlessly. You can install and activate this plugin from the WordPress directory. Next, upload your slideshow on the SlideOnline website to gain a shareable link. You can now copy the generated shortcode and embed it in your WordPress website wherever required.

SlideOnline WordPress plugin for PowerPoint embeds

  • EmbedPress – The plugin lets you embed audio-video, images, upload presentations, and other content into your WordPress website. What makes this plugin attractive is its one-click uploading option that allows you to display your slideshows for visitors. 

You can select this plugin by going on the settings tab on your website page and adjust the presentation ratios. Once done, you can choose the desired space on your page to upload your PPT and embed the shortcode from the ‘Add Document’ option.

EmbedPress plugin

Embed with SlideShare 

SlideShare acts as a third-party server where you can upload your presentation before embedding it on your website. You can add as many slides in SlideShare and also increase your reach by hosting it there. It allows you to share and upload your slides by saving your time without installing any plugins.

SlideShare also collects all your presentations in its cloud server making them accessible anywhere. You can go to any SlideShare presentation. Above it, you’ll notice an “Embed” button. Click on it. Then select a size for your presentation. Next copy that tiny bit of code (an iframe containing the presentation).

embed SlideShare presentation to WordPress

Now, move to your WordPress page where you want your presentation and select the ‘Text’ tab. Paste the iframe copied earlier and it is ready.The WordPress text editor


Embed with Google Slides

You can download 100% editable templates and craft them in Google Slides. Embedding your finely crafted presentation with Google Slides is fairly easy. Here is how you can utilize this option:

Utilizing the Google Slide Embed Code-Go to your Google Slides presentation, select ‘File’ and choose the ‘Publish to Web’ option. Click on the ‘Embed’ tab and copy the iframe the way you did in the SlideShare example. 

Publish on the web in Google Slides

Now, you’re free to paste the code into the WordPress Text Editor.

Embed with YouTube

YouTube is one of the most popular video streaming platforms these days. Millions of businesses have grown manifold with video advertisements on YouTube. Further, there is no size restriction or any limit for uploading HD slideshows on it. You do not need to be tech-savvy to explore this easy-to-go option. 

Start by exporting your PowerPoint presentation into a video by choosing the “Create a Video” option by selecting the Export button. Now you can optimize the quality of your video and its duration as required. Your next step is to upload it on YouTube. Next, go to your desired WordPress page or post. Select “Add Media”, then choose “Insert from URL”. Paste here the Youtube video link.

insert Youtube video


If you’re using the Block Editor in WordPress, there’s a Youtube block that you can use.


Key Takeaways:

  • Brand-aesthetic PowerPoint presentations aid businesses in growth.
  • Design awe-inspiring presentations by leveraging templates. 
  • Hosting your website with a slideshow entails multiple merits like building a portfolio, SEO, visual appeal, less bounce rate, more leads and, conversion rate.
  • You can embellish your WordPress website by embedding these slide decks in numerous ways.
  • Some ways to embed them include WordPress plugins, SlideShare, Google Slides, YouTube, and WordPress systems.
  • Embed your slides seamlessly with these methods and add five stars to your WordPress website. 
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