Extend Studio launches the next generation WordPress design tool

Bucharest, Romania – Extend Themes is proud to unveil a new direction in the world of WordPress design and site creation: ColibriWP. With the addition of an online platform and deep integration of site building features straight into the Customizer, Colibri helps WordPress users with better workflows when creating their sites, as well as all the design features they need.

Using the online platform, users can now create websites in a cloud environment, without having to use a local installation of WordPress. Once a user finalizes the design, he or she can then simply download the project and install it on their own site using Colibri’s importer plugin.

A major pain point of WordPress site design is the fragmented nature of its interface, and the constant navigation in between various menus and submenus just to create a single custom page. Colibri does away with this by transforming the WordPress Customizer into a full featured page builder, with deep design capabilities that allow users to build any site they want, quickly, easily and intuitively.

During its early access period, Colibri has all of it’s features unlocked, including the premium ones. Early adopters will benefit from a free premium license, after the launch of Colibri PRO.

About Extend Themes: Extend Themes is one of the leading theme developers in the WordPress ecosystem, with an install base of over 100,000 sites across all our themes. Our success has come from a focus on customer satisfaction, as well as a willingness to break conventions and bring true innovation to the WordPress ecosystem.


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