10+ Free One-Page WordPress Themes

To quickly put your business online, a one-page website might be the perfect fit. If you count at least 3 of the special one-page features below as important to your website, you should consider the free one-page WordPress themes listed in this article:


Features of a one-page website and of free one-page WordPress themes

  • Simplicity and minimalism in free one-page WordPress themes

(clear and concise presentation of the business; there’s no learning curve for navigation, scrolling guides users throughout the page; minimalism gives a modern look to the website).

Here’s how a minimalist one-page website looks like:



  • One page that keeps deploying content on a scroll is all that a mobile user needs.

So if you want to catch users en route with your message, a one-page website might be the best means.

This is how a website built on P2N Live looks like (it keeps displaying content while scrolling):



  • Navigational clues are simple to get noticed and trigger browsing content with interest.

They are simple items like bounce arrows, scroll to top arrows, recurring delimitator shapes, etc.

This is how a website built with Mesmerize integrates navigational clues:



  • One-page websites and free one-page WordPress themes are great for content division into logical chunks.

It’s best practice to use separate sections for separate parts of a message. Users will get and process the information in a more effective way.

Here’s how a one-page website separates its content into logical chunks:



  • Strictly in terms of design, one-page websites and free one-page WordPress themes rule.

You can go creative with the background onto which content is placed. And what’s more: instead of a unique background for the whole page, there’s the possibility to mould separate content chunks onto separate backgrounds (each of the backgrounds with their own catchy style).

Please find below an example of one-page website with beautiful background for its sections:



  • A prominent primary call-to-action makes a one-page website ready to trigger conversions.

It’s a direct way to say what people are expecting you to say: that your business is the solution to their needs. Thus, a one-page website places communication further down the acquisition process, nearer the decision step.

Here’s an example of one-page website with a prominent call-to-action:



  • Clear and easy-to-use contact information comes together with the call-to-action that’s driven users to contact details.

Turning the decision into action is a matter of jumping to the contact section, on the very page where users decided to collaborate with you.

Here’s an example where the contact button is the same as the call-to-action in a one-page website:




  • For free one-page WordPress themes, little text is enough.

One-page websites are fit for clear and concise messages, that get straight to users’ minds and needs. There’s no use bragging about this and that, you only focus on key points that users shouldn’t miss.

You’ll find below an example of a one-page website with concise text:



Additional features of free one-page WordPress themes


  • One-page websites are favorable to story-telling. You can have as many sections as needed for the story to unfold, keeping users’ attention focused. And there’s something more. Storytelling gradually restricts the funnel towards conversion. Thus, one-page websites are great for landing pages.
  •  one-page website tends to be a… long page. To make it easy for users to browse through the presentation, in-page links can be placed at key points in the content. They serve for orientation into the website text.
  • One-page websites have a linear structure of presentation. This linearity guides the visitor from point A to point B, then to point C in the story; there’s no risk to get users lost in the page. This is given by the simple scrolling option.
  • One-page websites are best for portfolios, landing pages, brochure websites, or any unconventional presentation that’s short and clear, and to the point.
  • With additional features such as SEO-friendliness and translation-ready modules, one-page websites can go a long way in delivering your message to a wide audience.


Free one-page WordPress themes with features you cannot miss

1.  One Page Express – free one-page WordPress themes


One Page Express, as its name says, helps you create a one-page website in no time. Plenty of features are available out of the box, so minute customizations won’t pose problems. It has a predesigned homepage and 30+ content sections you can select from. Thus, with the help of pre-designed blocks, you can steadily approach the final design you want.

Special features of One Page Express:

  • Video background to add some dynamism to the presentation
  • Slideshow background to concentrate more visual elements in one single section
  • Different header content types to choose what’s best for your brand identity.


2. Mesmerize

Mesmerize will let you create a one-page website that’ll mesmerize visitors. It has multiple options, which make it incredibly flexible and adaptable to any niche.

Special features of Mesmerize:

  • It facilitates a web designer’s work, by the drag-and-drop functionality it includes
  • It has over 30 predesigned blocks one can use as inspiration and starting points for building their own website
  • Mesmerize is WooCommerce ready, so you can create an online shop in a matter of hours
  • It has plenty of features for customizing the website header, which can make the website stand out
  • The theme is optimized for mobile responsiveness, so your website displays well on mobile devices.


3. OnePress

OnePress comes packed with demo data, so users don’t start building their website from scratch. They have a starting point from which to customize items and shape their own online identity. Especially useful for non-technical persons who want to create a website in minutes, without too much fuss.

Special features of OnePress:

  • You have full control over the layout of the page representing the website;
  • You can enable/disable animation effects, with the aim to add dynamism/focus attention on content;
  • Given the site will only contain one page, it’s important to create a special header for it. First impressions count most, so it’s essential to have a top-notch header. Sticky header, color of site title & tagline, colors for the menu links in different states, transparent header and transparent logo are some of the features that’ll help make a good first impression;
  • Regarding navigation, OnePress has options for distinct customizations in case of in-section navigation (navigation items added to different sections in the page);
  • The footer can include links to social profiles, as well as a newsletter form (integration with MailChimp).


4. Flash

Flash recommends itself as a versatile theme, adaptable to any niche. It gives elegance to the website, and its features allow for some sophistication. With these particularities, your website has all chances to stand out.

Special features of Flash:

  • You already know the header is a crucial part of a one-page website. To make an excellent first impression, Flash comes with this feature: the integration of media into the header. Besides visual effects, media instills dynamism into the presentation.
  • You have options for header and top header, which will concur in emphasizing that your website’s worth users’ attention.
  • Flash has a bundle of options of its own, helping you customize the website and give it uniqueness. All the 9 options subcategories rely most on a layout. So, you can play with different items placement and create the perfect layout perfectly matching your communication and design style.
  • You can also expand the website to more than one page, in which case: you’ll have a different appearance for a simple page, a simple post, and an archive page.


5. OneTone

OneTone is a one-page theme perfectly suited for startups that want to quickly get noticed in the online world. It’s a multipurpose theme, that can sustain any kind of business, due to its functionalities.

Also, OneTone is fully compatible with WooCommerce, so you can turn your website into an online store instantly.

Special features of OneTone:

  • General options – they refer to general layout options that allow for different placements of the items in the page; you also have the possibility to customize the content of 404 error pages
  • Header customizations – here come options for the items that have to draw attention to the page content: top bar, logo, header (with the variant of sticky header)
  • Customizations of pages and posts – titles can be adjusted for pages, breadcrumbs can be inserted into the page, whereas posts can be set to display only post excerpts in blog archive
  • Adjustments for the sidebar: you can choose the way a sidebar is displayed, in case of single post, category pages, search page, 404 page, etc.
  • Adjustments for the footer – 3 main elements can be customized for the footer (widgets, social icons and copyright text)
  • Styling options, from colors to fonts, and background, are another asset for going unique with your website.


6. Qi ThemeQi Theme

Qi Theme is a powerful and versatile WP template that combines cutting-edge features with premium design. It comes with 100 demos so that it can perfectly answer the needs of any niche and has all the features and functionalities you need to create impressive one-page websites.

Special features of Qi Theme: 
It is compatible with the Elementor page builder, so you can use and customize it with ease, even if you have no coding knowledge.

  • In case you plan to sell products or services, the theme includes everything you need to create a modern online shop – versatile selection of product lists, fully flexible single product layouts, templates for different product types, diverse set of complete shop websites, and it is fully compatible with WooCommerce.
  • It also includes a set of premium images bundled for free that you can use on your website for any purpose you need to.
  • Powered by Qi Addons for Elementor, the largest online collection of 60 free Elementor widgets, it allows you to add even more functionality to your website entirely for free.


7. Evolve

Evolve outshines many other free WordPress themes with its many, many features. It has a visual and intuitive menu in the Customizer, where you can adjust any option regarding the design and style of your website.

Special features of Evolve:

  • It has 6 different layouts for the front page; you can adjust the width of the layout for each selection you make; you can also specify the content top & bottom padding
  • The header can include a search box that facilitates users’ search within the website; you can also adjust the header padding
  • The footer can get a special design, through reveal effects or due to background customizations; typography of the footer text can add to its elegant appearance and complete the design of the one-page website
  • Logo, title and tagline are subject to specific customizations, as they are directly responsible for your brand identity
  • Buttons receive special attention, due to multiple options that allow for minute customizations, depending on the design guidelines.
  • The theme has additional features like parallax slider, posts slider, etc.


8. Neve

Neve is a one-page theme that might prove useful for any kind of business/blog/startup. It has a minimalist design, allowing for maximal flexibility in the meantime. It is well suited for startups, agencies, portfolios, blogs, and not only that.

Special features of Neve:

  • The theme focuses on layout options: you find different layouts you can play with, for Content/Sidebar, Blog/Archive, a single post or the footer.
  • Typography can contribute to a unique look of the text onto the page, putting a focus on what’s most important and underlining key parts of the business message.
  • For colors, you’ll find several options that will affect buttons, links, text, and background. This can help to design in line with the branding requirements and creating the perfect one-page website.


9. AccessPress Parallax

AccessPress Parallax has a little bit of everything a one-page theme needs to have: professional presentation, but also adaptable to blogs and other personal sites; with modern effects like parallax, that contribute to the best design, once enabled.

Special features of AccessPress Parallax:

  • The theme is translation-ready,
  • It is fully integrated with Polylang, WooCommerce,
  • It supports CSS animation.
  • Also, it’s responsive and it displays well on mobile devices (mobile and tablets).
  • It also allows for Google Map integration, for easy geolocation.
  • It has options for defining site identity
  • Once created, the site identity can be well supported with a beautiful header image you can upload from your device.


10. Ample

Ample is another one-page theme you can use for whatever niche you need. By using Ample for your website, you can give it the professional appearance it needs to convince users they’re landed on the right page.

Special features of Ample:

  • The Header can be customized with media (either video or image)
  • You can upload a background image, that’ll give a stylish look to your one-page website
  • Ample comes with options for the design (meaning features for overall site layout, or posts/pages layout)
  • You also have the possibility to insert a slider into the page


11. Moesia

Moesia is a one-page theme you can successfully use to build a business website in no time, with few resources. More than 10 predefined blocks help you get inspired and take the design direction you want for your website.

Special features of Moesia:

  • It offers 2 types of layouts for the blog page
  • You can embellish the website with cool animations and effects, that add dynamism to the presentation and make it unique
  • It best suits professional presentation, however hard it might seem to build it in a one-page website.


12. Optimizer

Optimizer is a one-page theme that can be used for any niche.

It’s a special theme with multiple features that can turn a simple draft into a top-notch website. The Customizer has a nice interface with an intuitive menu on the left-hand. The features for each item can easily be adjusted to give the website page the appearance you want.

Special features of Optimizer:

  • Customizations start from basic options that serve as basis for good website creation: it’s essential to choose the suitable website layout, and Optimizer offers 2 variants: full-width and boxed layout.
  • In terms of styling, the theme has options to choose colors for the background, content text; it has options for the font of the text (normal text) and differentiates it from heading/menu/post titles text.
  • After basic options are set, you can continue customizations for each important part of your one-page website: header, front-page, footer, menus, and widgets.

Optimizer also allows for creating an enhanced gallery of images and adjust the layout for display on mobile devices (which is highly important for mobile users’ experience).


13. Allegiant

Allegiant is a theme that takes web design to the next level. It ensures your presentation will be professional, elegant, clean and convincing. It has all needed options to build a modern website, the simplest way. The companion plugin extends the theme functionalities, so you can benefit from a full range of customizations that’ll make your website stand out.

Special features of Allegiant:

  • It comes packed with demo content, so you can build upon ready-made content blocks
  • You have the possibility to include these (or some of these) content sections into your website: features (of your products/services), portfolio (that shows the work you’ve done before), services, team members (where you’ll present your team), testimonials (that give credibility to the website), clients. All of these sections can be added to give a complete presentation of your business.
  • The general theme options include customizations that make up the brand personality and communication style.
  • The theme integrates with common plugins such as Contact Form 7, Woocommerce, Yoast SEO, WPML, etc.


14. Himalayas

Himalayas is a modern theme you can successfully use to build your one-page website. It really helps giving a competitive edge to a website, and make it stand out from the crowd. It may serve as best expression of your search for perfection (either in business, or freelancing, hobbies, etc.).

Special features of Himalayas:

  • The options for the header put you in control of the header display as sticky/non-sticky, as transparent/non-transparent.
  • The theme allows you to add a slider to the page, so your website will have a more stylish look and attract more visitors interested in your presentation
  • The design options focus on the layout, which can make a difference in emphasizing your message
  • You can choose to display an author bio and tell people about your activity, interests, and hobbies
  • You also can attach a blog to the website, and make customizations for posts display.


We hope you’ll quickly find the right theme for your new one-page website, and that our collection of free one-page WordPress themes helped you in your research.

We’d love to hear which is the winner theme you’ve decided upon and what suggestions of other themes you have for us, to add to the collection.

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