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WordPress is a leading CMS for people around the globe due to its flexibility, ease of access, and vast community. Because of this fact, many providers out there have invested resources in creating specialized servers, environments, and tools to accommodate the ever-growing need of the average and advanced WordPress user.

Picking the right host for your WordPress website is vital. A good provider could make or break your site’s performance in search engine ranking and speed. 

Today, we will introduce you to a great new competitor in the web hosting field – HostArmada. They started in 2019 with the sole purpose of delivering a great hosting experience at a very reasonable price. Their team has over eight years of experience in the field. They are highly knowledgeable (especially in WordPress), which makes them a very good choice if you are new to this, or the technical aspects of WordPress seem overwhelming to you.


HostArmada Overview

HostArmada provides a professional, reliable, secure, and fully managed hosting service. Because WordPress is the most popular CMS out there, HostArmada lays heavy emphasis on WordPress hosting and has specialized their support agents to provide comprehensive assistance. Additionally, they have optimized servers for WordPress and implemented must-have tools, such as staging, cloning, and a One-click installer. They offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee and speed-enhancing features such as LiteSpeed and NGINX and a robust security system represented by Imunify360 – an outstanding security service.

HostArmada Performance

Performance is the metric people care about the most. Everyone loves a fast website, starting with Google and the rest of the search engines out there. Having a fast website means that your content will have higher ranking chances. Even the slightest edge is highly beneficial. 

Here is a result from a speed test we performed on the HostArmada plan, costing $5.39/mo.


HostArmada was kind enough to provide us with a testing domain, and we used a completely fresh WordPress installation. As you can see from the result, the server responded in a mere 26 milliseconds and the fully loaded time was 286 milliseconds. That’s a fantastic result.

If you like the result, you should definitely check their fast wordpress hosting plans.


HostArmada Security

Security is the second most sought metric after speed. Some people may argue that it is even more significant as a secured website is far less susceptible to malware and will sustain a higher uptime/speed. To maintain a healthy and wholesome experience for their customers, HostArmada implemented a robust security system which includes the following:

  • Latest stable security and software updates
  • IP-based firewall which monitors all IP addresses connecting to the server
  • mod_security2 with custom rules that are updated daily based on the most recent exploits
  • Free Malware scan & removal
  • Free SSL certificates on all domains and sub-domains hosted on the server
  • Account Isolation ensuring all users are completely split from one another 
  • Advanced WAF with machine-learning rulest, which self-updates constantly to keep up with the latest application exploits
  • One-of-a-kind, IPS/IDS technology, collecting negation policies and proactively blocking known attacks
  • Two-factor Authentication for both cPanel and their Client Area

Of course, other benefits complement the ones above, but as they are too much to go over, we have included the ones we believe are most important.

HostArmada Technical Support

HostArmada’s technical team has a combined 35+ years of experience in web hosting. Despite being new on the market, they have hosting gurus that have worked in other web hosting companies before and have great insight on the market, where it’s going, and what the user needs and wants. 

As we mentioned above, all of HostArmada’s support agents are highly experienced and undergo intense WordPress training to provide the best possible support for the customers who experience technical issues with their website. They always go the extra mile even if the problem is beyond their scope of expertise. If you are having issues with your site’s speed and performance, be sure to contact them and request a review. Their professional WordPress support team will take the matter into their own hands and recommend or implement a solution to improve your website’s speed. 

They are available 24/7/365 over three support channels: Phone, Chat, and Ticket. All support offered by HostArmada is free of charge and included in the price of the hosting. Suppose you like to do things on your own. In that case, you can use their rich knowledge base or tutorial sections to get information about various web-hosting-related issues, open-source applications, WordPress, domains, and pretty much everything a web enthusiast may want to know.

Last Words

If you want to try something new, fresh, exciting, and with great potential, HostArmada is the place you can go to. They have great options for all types of websites, no matter their size. Their pricing is very competitive compared to the other web hosting providers on the already established market.


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