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While WordPress is the most used open-source CMS, many website owners still don’t use it to complete optimization or don’t know how to. But when it comes to WordPress hosting, you can have it all. The concept of managed WordPress hosting proved that.

Managed WordPress hosting revolves around offering clients a hands-off website management experience. In simple web hosting, the host typically provides you with a space on the server, along with standard site management tools and support. The proper maintenance and technical work at the backend of the site would be absent unless you accommodate your business with well and experienced IT and developers staff.

This maintenance work usually includes upgrading your website and configuring different themes and plugins, security enhancements, content updates, and making your website easily accessible and workable by the visitors.

To be frank, this work is not easy. It sounds like everything can be done with a few clicks, but the truth is that numerous tasks run on the backend that call for technical expertise and proper time and effort.

An average commercial website owner cannot do that alone, so they are left with two options. One, hire each person for a different job – for instance, web developer, graphic designer, content writer, etc. This option will cost you more and increase your headache because you will have to manage many people, sometimes at once.

Two, opt for managed WordPress hosting and get everything from one place at affordable rates.

This article will tell you everything about a premier managed WordPress hosting provider company, HostPapa.

HostPapa is one of the most rapidly growing companies to provide excellence in managed WordPress hosting. It provides an experience unique and flexible enough to attract many businesses.

With HostPapa, clients report to get A-grade security of their online businesses, but the speed and performance also visibly improve. When digging into HostPapa client reviews, you notice that they appreciate the 24/7 professional support, security, performance, and speed. But we’ll get into more details about these a bit later on.

In other words, transferring your current WordPress management headache to the professional team at HostPapa allows website owners to focus on something much more important, thinking about the future of their business.

Let’s look at the advanced features of HostPapa’s managed WordPress hosting to help you understand why HostPapa is the right host for you.

Advanced Features of Managed WordPress Hosting

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HostPapa is one of the leading providers of managed WordPress hosting in the market because of one reason; it has an excellent team of professional individuals who are experienced in their respective fields and work at the backend to develop features and provisions to offer to their clients.

Some of the essential features of HostPapa’s managed WordPress hosting are listed below.


One of the significant aspects where your website visibly improves after switching to HostPapa managed WordPress hosting is performance. It upgrades your website with the world’s fastest content delivery network (CDN)

More than that, with Global Edge Hosting Locations, your website can be expanded to over 250 locations, promising to deliver your content to global visitors and providing the best experience anywhere in the world.

Apart from that, the managed WordPress hosting from HostPapa is powered by Cloudflare Enterprise, which has a CDN that copies your website all around the world, allowing top-to-bottom lightning-fast delivery of content.

Most search engines, such as Google, show websites that load faster first in search engine result pages (SERPs). With the enterprise-grade technology of HostPapa that eliminates slow loading times, you can boost your site at the preferred search engine.

Most importantly, your plugins and themes remain updated, while your WordPress Core is always to the latest. You can schedule automatic updates of such nature according to your preference.

Right out of the box, every site at HostPapa comes optimized for WordPress, including Smart Routing, Full Page Caching, image and file optimizations, size optimizations, and fast speed.

A sample of a customer noted after making the switch to HostPapa showed the following improvements:

The average time to the first byte was 233% faster, the average first input delay was 38% faster, and the average first contentful paint was 45% faster.

Maximum Uptime

HostPapa promises to provide your website global distribution with 99.9% uptime, which frankly means that your website will never be down, even when it is on peak traffic.

It doesn’t matter if the customer is on the phone or desktop; HostPapa allows record-time loading speeds, reducing the bounce rate on your site.

Handling WordPress users is not that easy. They want pages to load instantly. If they have to wait, they will go somewhere else. Not to mention, they have a lot of options. That is why you need to ensure that your speed doesn’t err. And that is where HostPapa guarantees to cut off your bounce rate and turn your site’s visitors into customers.

With a clear difference, managed WordPress hosting by HostPapa will make the search engine prioritize you over your competitors.

Effective Security

Security is one of the most critical factors in WordPress websites. Google, the most popular search engine, has admitted that security influences the SEO of your website. To secure their site, most users typically get an SSL certificate that puts a green lock on the address bar of your site. But HostPapa takes your website’s security far beyond an SSL certificate.

You don’t have to pay for additional security plugins. All the security provisions listed below will come in the package.

  • Web Application Firewall

HostPapa’s managed WordPress hosting gives you two firewall protection for your website. First is the web application firewall (WAF) that every WordPress website will get hosting from HostPapa. The second is the local firewall that will scan all the incoming requests on your website to shield it from external threats and risks.

  • Real-time Malware Scanning and Patching

Malicious incoming requests are stopped before they get too close. Managed WordPress hosting by HostPapa uses Cloudflare Enterprise WAF, which provides SQL injection prevention, DDoS protection, and protection from other WordPress security vulnerabilities.

  • Daily Offsite Backups

One of the most significant losses that businesses can face is the loss of data, which eventually wastes your time, money, and effort as well in hopes of recovering it. That is why WordPress managed by HostPapa automatically makes backups every night. In case of failure, which is not likely to occur, you can recover your data with just a click.

  • Website Analytics and Reporting

With HostPapa real-time WAF reporting, you can check every security event with a few clicks. Whatever security measures are being taken and however they are performing will be displayed to the website owner at all times. Website owners can stay updated on all the security events through 24/7 website analytics and reporting.

Professional Support

HostPapa has a team of professionals, PapaSquad, that’s always available to help their clients and visitors. They don’t keep you waiting whenever you have a query or concern.

The industry-leading support team can be contacted with any medium, including chat, email, or live support. The PapaSquad will be waiting on the other end all around the clock to serve you.

How to Set Up Your Site With HostPapa?

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Follow the steps below to set your site up with HostPapa quickly.

First, sign up with HostPapa and get your credentials. Login to the HostPapa Dashboard with your Client ID and password.

As you scroll down the screen, you will see the list of tickets you have generated in the past. You won’t have any tickets if this is your first time logging into the HostPapa dashboard.

Simply go to “View All Tickets.” Then click on “Open New Ticket” and fill out the form displayed on the screen.

Fill the form with relevant information, and don’t forget to add the following things.

  • In the subject line, mention that you would like to transfer your site to HostPapa from your current provider.

  • Add the name of your current hosting provider.

  • Add your website URL

  • Add any additional information that you think would help the company

  • Add any media or document files if necessary.

Click “Submit” when the form is filled.

After submitting your form, a member of the PapaSquad will contact you and begin transferring your website to HostPapa.

Pros and Cons for Managed WordPress Hosting with HostPapa

Every service has its pros and cons, so does managed WordPress hosting by HostPapa. These will help you decide whether you want HostPapa as your managed WordPress hosting provider or not.


  • Enterprise-grade security with multiple firewalls, along with malware scanning and patching, daily offsite backups, and website analytics and reporting.

  • Flashing speed and lightning-fast content delivery network (CDN).

  • 99.9% website uptime with a high chance to be in top SERPs.

  • Websites come optimized for Full Page Caching, Smart Routing, image and file optimizations, and size optimizations at flashing speed.

  • Professional support via chat, email, or live support all around the clock.

  • Easy and simple setup process.


  • Managed WordPress hosting is a more enhanced service than standard hosting, so the cost will be more than what you pay for simple shared hosting.

  • This type of hosting is for WordPress websites only.

  • The service might limit specific plugins, especially those featured by third-party software. They tend to be a bit pricier, and the service doesn’t charge additional for plugins.


You must choose the right provider for managed WordPress hosting if you want your website to work optimally. And you can’t do that overnight. You would have to look into the wide range of providers to find the one that suits your needs.

We have made this process easier for you. We have provided you with all the details of one premier managed WordPress hosting provider and all the features they offer, along with its pros and cons.

Now, you can’t simply ignore 99.9% uptime and multiple WAF security for your website, right?

Managed WordPress Hosting by HostPapa is one of the best services for managed hosting. Apart from that, the pros visibly outrun the cons by a long shot. The decision is all yours.

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