How to Create a Website for Resorts


What would be lovelier than to design a resorts website? With the help of some handy features and a little inspiration, you’ll bring that resort to life, right in the few online pages of its presentation.

Just like with this sample:

Resorts website - template


Before detailing more on the resort “telling” you about beauty, let’s watch together the process of building a resort website, the right way:


Generic Principles of Design for a Resorts Website


Please keep in mind that the below principles can be successfully applied for resorts, hotels, and, to some extent, to all that belongs to the HORECA industry.


1. The first and most important element to take care of is the collection of images you’ll use in the site. These have to be high-quality images, to reflect the resort in the most natural and professional way. Images are the focus point of users who land on such a website, so please take care to provide them with the best.

Maybe a professional photographer will help a lot in taking the right pictures and capturing the charm of the place as it should be captured.


2. Next thing you should have in mind is featuring events that take place at the resort. Moreover, you can frequently create events that take place exclusively onto the website (or in the online medium). This latter type of events plays a major role in driving engagement and letting users in on the atmosphere they’ll enjoy at the resort.

Events require participation, and if they stir curiosity, users will gladly participate. Therefore, they’re one of the main factors of turning visitors into leads.


3. With events, we tackled the larger spectrum of interactivity. It’s recommended you design the website with interactivity in mind, as you’ll soon reap the benefits of it.

You can choose a different color for a button that’s hovered over, or you can include a video presentation users will watch at their own pace, or maybe you’ll want to go more creative and include your personal elements of interaction into the website (e.g. gamification).

Interactivity keeps users hooked and maintains a vivid interest in what the website has to present them.

You should also keep in mind…

4. User friendliness goes hand in hand with interactivity. And with all the experience within the website, after all. Your pages do not aim at putting people into difficulty, or challenging them beyond their exploration capabilities.

Thus, you need a logo and a link on the logo for visitors to return to the homepage, once they click upon it. The menu and navigation should be simple and allow them to easily navigate within the pages of the website, without getting lost. Even typography can play an important role, some fonts are easier to read and facilitate quick checking and understanding of the text message.

For further reading about user friendliness in web design, you can check this resource.


5. Thinking in terms of practicality, you need to consider this: provide users the shortest way to get the information they need, in the shortest amount of time (in sales and marketing terms: you’ll create a short funnel, with a small number of steps to follow until conversion).

Above all, a resort website should be useful, informative, and decide users to book their place at the resort. So, keep elements to the minimum required for this goal to be achieved.


6. Last, but not least, the website should be responsive and display well on all types of devices: mobile, tablet. There are high chances many users check the website while on the go, so be prepared to answer their questions in a perfectly looking website on mobile.

Thus, you have to ensure you’re using the right tool to continuously verify how the design appears on mobile devices, and switch between different views without any effort.


And the tool we recommend is Colibriwp.


Colibris to create a resorts website


Resort websites have to be visually compelling. That’s why it’s good to use Colibriwp, a platform that’s focused on visuals in building a website from scratch.

Therefore, Colibriwp is a tool that’s suited for building a resorts website from zero (or from an available demo in the list of pre-made sample websites).

Log in to your account, press the green button CREATE NEW SITE, then choose the demo for resort websites.

From that instant, you can start customizing your website as you like.

You’ll find below a presentation of what steps you should follow to make full use of the Colibriwp features.


For branding and website personality, you have colors and typography. A logo placeholder and a color schemes system.

Choose and set the color scheme for the entire website, by clicking on and selecting the color scheme that you find most suitable for your website.


Color scheme for resorts website


Select and adjust typography for the text of your website

There are distinct options for adjusting Heading text, body text, lead text, etc. Use the left-hand panel to choose a font family, color and size of the text and define its characteristics.



Define the site and company identity with a logo, site title, tagline and a favicon

In General Settings, you can upload a logo and preview how it looks like in the website.

Fill in the blanks for Site Title and Tagline with your own phrases, and you already get users to know what the website is about.



Enliven the homepage or other page in the site with video

You can insert a video for the Hero or as background of any section in the pages of the resort website.

Select the option you want, between self-hosted video or YouTube video.

In case the video doesn’t display, it’s safe to set a video poster (an image that’ll be shown instead of the video, when the video won’t load or doesn’t display).



You have the possibility to attach a blog to a resort website

The blog allows you to expand communication with visitors by detailed text presentations of particular aspects related to the resort.

To customize the blog, press the blue sheet icon at the top of the left-hand panel, and open the editing options for blog, as well as the corresponding preview.


Blog for a resorts website


You can add links to social media presence

These make it possible to extend the online presence to communities in social networks, where you can talk directly to customers and potential customers.

On the demo you are customizing, click onto the social icons in the fourth column of the footer, and you’ll open the corresponding customization panel on the left. Change those settings according to your preferences.


Resorts website - inserting social icons


A gallery of images will showcase special events and characteristics of the resort, in an elegant manner

This component helps integrating images into the website and focus users’ attention upon relevant imagery.

To change the default images in the Masonry Gallery, click inside the component and open the corresponding customization panel on the left. By using the “Manage Images” button, you can upload your own images.


Photo gallery for resorts website


Insert an interactive map and directions to the resort – so, you make it easy for users to spot the place and get directions to it

To customize this component, go to the Contact page, scroll down the page and find the default map that was integrated into the page. Click on it and open the corresponding customization settings. You’ll have to change the default address with the address of your own company, and the map will show your location.


Map for resorts website


Other features that will benefit your resort website design


  • Add local flavour to the resort website, through special elements. Within this tool, you can choose among 39 components the ones that make your website pages special and worthy of attention. You can give the website both particularities that make it memorable, and a competitive edge to outstand the other sites in this niche.


  • Build the layout specific to your resort website (because, yes, there is a particular layout that needs to be adopted specifically for a certain resort website. It’s about a layout that favours storytelling, and unfolds the story of the resort. This is very much suggestive of the various stories it will ever make possible, within its area).


Advanced features you can use for your resorts website


You should give your resorts website great exposure and use design features to make it unique.

Beside the components that’ve already been integrated into the demo, you can use features such as:

Image Collage

The image collage gathers multiple images and displays them randomly, in the location you’ve selected for them during the customization process.

To use this component, click on the + icon in the upper part of the left-hand menu and open the list of components. Search for “Image Collage” to find it, then use drag and drop to bring it to a blank block in the page.

Click inside the component on your page, and start customizing it with your own images, placements, height, forefront or background placements, etc.


Image collage for resorts website


Dynamic Text

To bring some dynamism to the presentation from the very beginning, you can use animations for the title.

You’ll have several animation types you can choose from, test them and choose what suits best your design.


Background Overlay

To use advanced customizations and add some catchy sophistication to your pages, you can use the Background Overlay option. Thus, you can change the aspect of the Hero, for instance:


Background overlay for resorts website


Intuitive Site Mapping

As you can could see in the demo, all pages follow an intuitive site mapping. The website has only four pages, all it takes to gain users’ interest and facilitate online booking. All these pages have their own link in the main menu, so they’re easy to access.


The order the menu buttons follow doubles the users’ search behavior when on site:


  1. First page is the homepage, which presents what the site is about
  2. Second page is the page for Rooms, so users can start exploring the resort facilities
  3. Third page is about Prices, important aspect that determines users to go further in their acquisition process
  4. Fourth page is a Contact page which couldn’t miss from the website.


Now, we mentioned several features and how you can use them to build your new resorts website. There’s a lot more you can do using the full set of features provided by the tool. We’ll let you discover them for yourselves, and use your imagination to create the best version of your resort website. We’ll be happy to receive your feedback as to how your design experience was, in using these features.

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