How to Duplicate a Page in WordPress?


It’s very simple to learn how to duplicate a page in WordPress. Let’s see:

In some cases, duplicating pages in a WordPress website might be more helpful than creating a new page from scratch. When you duplicate a page or post, you take all information related to that page (author, category, tag, Meta Data and SEO items) and clone them into the new page/post.

To duplicate a page, it’s enough to follow some easy, simple steps:

Step 1: install the Duplicate Page plugin

Go to the WordPress Admin Dashboard for your website:


How to duplicate a page in WordPress - step 1


In the left-hand menu, go to Plugins -> Add New.



Search for the Duplicate Page plugin. This is the plugin that’ll help you duplicate pages/posts with just one click.



Click Install Now to install the plugin for your WordPress site.

After you have installed the plugin, click on Activate, to activate the plugin for your WordPress site.



After having activated the plugin, go to Plugins -> Installed Plugins and check if Duplicate Page has been added to your list of plugins for your WordPress website.



Step 2: configure the Duplicate Page plugin

For settings related to the Duplicate Page plugin, go to Settings -> Duplicate Page, in the left-hand menu of the WordPress Admin dashboard:


How to duplicate a page in WordPress - step 2


As second setting, you have the options related to Duplicate Post Status. This refers to how the duplicated pages/posts will appear in your website.

The options are:

  • Draft (save the new page or post as a draft, until you decide to publish it)
  • Publish (directly publish the clone page or post)
  • Private (set the clone page or post as private, and accessible only through login)
  • Pending (schedule the page or post to be published at a later date)


It is recommended that you keep the new page/post with the Draft status, in case you need to re-check it before hitting Publish.

Step 3: duplicate a page

Next, go to the Posts or Pages section in the left-hand menu of the Customizer, and select the page you want to copy.


How to duplicate a page in WordPress - step 3


In this case, we selected the About page to duplicate.

When hovering with your mouse over the selected page, you’ll see as last option: Duplicate This.

Click on Duplicate This and you’ll instantly have a copy of the original page:



As you can see, we saved the new page as draft, and not published it. This related to the Settings we have adjusted for the Duplicate Page plugin, where we selected Draft as status for the duplicate page.

Once we checked the new page for publishing, we can change its status (e.g. publish it) as we would do with any other page in your list.

Below is an example of duplicate page:


Demo site in ColibriWP


The new page has the exact same elements as the original one.


That’s it. You know how to duplicate pages in WordPress, for your website. We hope this article will help you easily duplicate pages and posts whenever you need to copy them and work on an already existing content pattern.



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