How to Give a Boost to your Website with an Ice Color Palette?



Pretty nice for a Hero image, right? What if you kept the same ice color palette all throughout the website? It might give the design a boost, and it might infuse artistic views into an otherwise commonplace website.

The problem is, it would be hard to find real examples of websites that employ pure ice color schemes. You’ll have to focus on images that appeal to you and extract the color codes that make up a truly impressive ice color palette.

To help you in finding such images, we suggest you start with studying the following:


Ice Color Palette no. 1

This first ice color palette keeps a serious look of the website, without surprising splashes of vivid colors or warmth. It sticks to being professional. Most of the colors in the color palette revolve around blue, with different nuances that evoke ice stillness. It goes from lighter to darker hues, each of them being responsible for a bundle of elements within the website pages.

Here’s a possible representation of this color scheme in websites:

Ice color palette - example 1


The colors comprised in an ice color palette alternate so they create harmony within the website. More than harmony, they convey professionalism, and signal the content of the website pages are interesting enough to stop and examine thoroughly.


Ice Color Palette no. 2

Here’s one variant of applying this color palette to a website page:

Ice color palette - example 2


This color combination has something next to glacial in it. It includes colors of plain neutrality, and only a highly captivating content can counterbalance. In fact, it’s what this color scheme is suited for: excellent content, high-end products and services and presentation. With such a variant of ice color palette, you can view the website anything but ordinary. This elegance and seriousness, glacial tones must signal there’s something important to say in the site pages. And users will read…


Ice Color Palette no. 3

Here’s an example of this color palette applied to a website page:

Ice color palette - example 3


This color palette is suitable for professional websites. It has the power to capture attention and focus users’ eyes onto what you have to say in the website pages. A little enlivened with images inserted in the Hero, this color combination brings forth the most important assets of the company. Nothing other than the brilliance of the content will shine through the website pages. This color scheme reinforces content excellence. It’s nothing more than the base of the resplendent content you’ll present to your readers.


Ice Color Palette no. 4

This is how this color scheme can be reflected in a web page:

Ice color palette - example 4


The ice nuances are somehow toned down by those expressed in the side image. However, the alternance among blue, icy colors ensures a professional look to a business website. It implies reliability and a good starting point for business communication. It’s a perfect balance among tints in the ice color scheme, that accounts for stability and sustainability. In this case, ice colors do nothing more but emphasize text and images, through a contrast that’s pleasant to follow all throughout the pages.


Ice Color Palette no. 5

Let’s see how this color scheme can be reflected into a website:

Ice color palette - example 5


This color scheme replicates ice colors combination. They’re pretty neutral, and let text and images speak by themselves. They provide just enough chromatic contours to capture users’ attention and direct it towards what’s important within the page. You’ll notice that this ice color palette favours contrast: contrast with a well-chosen text color and with images that are inserted into the site. Everything you want to emphasize can be easily emphasized and brought to visitors’ eyes. Ice colors only form a suitable background for these expressive items in the page.


Wrapping up

Ice color palettes give a special note to websites where they apply. In the meantime, they’re subtle enough as to put content forward: for websites where content has the uttermost value, it’s a precious asset.

As a technique to get such a color palette for your own website: search for appropriate images and extract colors of their composition with the help of a tool: Then, you need to copy that color code into the editable current color scheme of Colibri, and that’s it! You have an interesting color palette for your website.


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