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Blogging is its own culture. And one aspiration every blogger has is to grow their blog, bringing it to the attention of new audiences. Otherwise, it might as well be a personal diary, right? If you’ve chosen WordPress as your blogging platform, you’re definitely not a minority. In fact, more than 40% of websites on the Internet use WordPress for its convenience and multifunctionality. 

Now how can you approach generating more reach and promoting your blog? Easy – social media. And here, Instagram still beats other platforms when it comes to these two goals. 

This guide will help you choose the best tactics to grow your WordPress blog through Instagram. 


Why Use Instagram for WordPress Blog Growth?

Main reason: Instagram’s audience has been growing for the last 5 years and has reached more than a billion users in 2020. 

Instagram audience



Besides, Instagram is a great place to connect with audiences directly – through posts, live feeds, Stories, interactive features, etc. So you can bring your blog content to your followers through various channels within Instagram. 

Another advantage Instragram offers to bloggers is the possibility to develop your personal brand – and a blog is sure a brand of its own. With 90% of Insta users following at least one brand, you’re sure to accumulate your follower base around the content you post. 


WordPress Blog Promotion through Instagram: Practical Tips 

Without further ado, let’s take a look at 6 effective ideas to grow your WordPress blog via Instagram. 

1. Have a Solid Bio 

People tend to underestimate the role of a good bio in the promotion of a business, brand, or blog. Don’t be fooled. 

This is the section of your Instagram profile where the links you insert are directly clickable – so leverage this feature wisely. Refer to your WordPress blog or a specific landing page, entry, or section that you think will appeal to your Instagram profile visitors. 

This is also a place where you can introduce yourself in a consice and unique way. You can mention your position, skills, and your role in the blog. And remember – you don’t need to be too serious here. A little humor goes a long way. 

You can take some cues from Chris Lema. Chris is a very popular WP professional whose blog is dedicated to building business on WordPress. 

instagram account example


Look at the perfect balance of irony and professional focus in his Instagram bio and a straightforward landing page it links to: 

Landing page example linked to Instagram account


Bottom line: don’t be afraid to stand out and introduce your WordPress blog in an authentic way than links back to your personality and skills. People will want to visit the blog AND get to know you!


2. Incorporate Hashtags in a Smart Way 

Hashtag is a fantastic tool created specifically for the purpose of making content more easily searchable

If you want to drive more traffic to your WordPress blog, make sure you use hashtags – and not in a random manner. 

One way to maximize the benefit of hashtags on Instragram is to base them on SEO keywords you regularly implement in your blog. 

You can also combine those with #yourblogdomain hashtag and throw some general trending tags into the mix if you feel like it. 

Coming back to our favorite Chris Lema for yet another example to learn from. His #CaboPress hashtag effectively promotes his business event on Instagram. 

Hashtags in Instagram


Do a bit of research and experiment with different hashtag combos. Typically 3-5 hastags under one Instagram post are enough to generate appropriate searchability. 


3. Interact with Other Bloggers on Instagram

Find your way into the extensive WordPress blogger community om Instagram to enjoy the support of fellow bloggers in the promotion of your platform. 

If you interact with WordPress people, simply follow them on Istagram and agree to mutual reposts. Again, use hashtags such as #wordpress #wordpressblogging #blogger to extend your reach and get in contact with the right people. 

For example, the #wordpressblogger hashtag has over 245,000 posts. Do your research and reach out to the bloggers who share your area of expertise and passion. research hashtags and Insta accounts


Pro-tip: collaborate with Instragram influencers for an even more effective WordPress blog promotion. Find an influencer whose content is relevant to your niche and reach out to them. Even one carefully crafted partnered post can drive an impressive organic traffic to your blog. 

With the help of automated tools, you can easily calculate the collaboration cost with a chosen influencer to make sure you stay within the budget. 


4. Advertise your Blog in Stories and Reels

Did you know that 50% of Instagram users readily visit a webpage they see in Instagram Stories

Take advantage of the popularity of newer Instagram features to promote your WordPress blog. In Stories, you can post exerpts from your recent blog entries, screenshots from your page, etc. This will give your potential readers an idea of what your blog is about, and why they might find it compelling. 

Pro-tip: organize important and relevant Stories into Highlights. Your followers will be able to come back to them. Organize Insta Stories and Reels


In Reels – a format that allows for lengthier video content – you can talk about your WordPress blog, tell a story behind your latest post, or – why not? – read an entry to your followers! 

These two formats prove to work more effectively than regular Instagram posts when it comes to promotion. 

Pro-tip: consider using Instagram ads for your WordPress blog growth. Instagram Ads reached more than 1.4 billion users in January 2022 alone – you’ll sure increase organic traffic to your WP webpage. 


5. Repurpose Your WordPress Content for Instagram

What works for a blog does not always work for Instagram. After all, it is a platform that heavily relies on visuals. Take it into consideration and make sure to repurpose your conent to make it more appealing to Instagram users. 

The easiest yet very effective way to do that is to create posts that combine a header from your WordPress blog entry with a relevant image. If you feel like the picture is just not enough, remember: you have captions to make up for it! 

Repurpose content for Instagram



 To make your Instagram posts even more effective, use a free social media scheduler to plan and automate your content.

6. Engage Your Instagram Followers 

Never underestimate the power of audience engagement if you want to promote your WordPress blog – or anything else, really. Engagement on Instagram is a metric that includes comments, mentions, likes and shares, and saves. 

Instagram engagement rate: 

  • indicates how interested your followers are in your content;
  • provides social proof;
  • is directly connected with the traffic to your WordPress blog. 

WordPress blogs do have interactive features such as comments where people can get in touch with the author and each other, but Instagram is a much better place for direct communication and engagement. 

To drive your WordPress blog growth up, you need to keep your audience active and involved: even a small yet vibrant community around your Instagram profile will yield more benefit than thousand of passive followers. 

Here’s what you can do to facilitate engagement: 

  • Leverage interactive Instagram features: quizzes and polls work wonders – people love it when you take interest in their opinion. 
  • Ask followers questions in post captions and Stories: what do they think about your latest WordPress blog entry? Would they like to contribute alternative ideas? Was the material useful? – it is not only a great way to receive users’ reactions, but you might also learn something new and improve your blog. 
  • Make your content save-worthy: post useful tips, guides, and tutorials related to the area of expertise your blog revolves around. People will want to save them and come back to the content later. 
  • Don’t forget about memes: they popular, relatable and viral! Integrate trending memes into your content and you’ll see how your followers react to this combo.  



As you can see, Instagram can help you grow your WordPress blog via simple, actionable tips. Stay consistent with your posting patterns, rely on authenticity, choose content wisely, and promote your blog through active engagement with followers – communication is a powerful marketing tactic. 

Last but not least: you can integrate Insta with your WP blog with the help of special plugins and widgets – it will connect the two platforms and strengthen the community of people around your personal brand.  


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