Mint Color Palette that Works Wonders for a Website


A mint color palette can really work wonders for a website. Let’s see how:

As refreshing as you say “mint”… this can be an effect that’s really undreamt of, for websites. A suitable color combination will work wonders for your website pages. More precisely, it will take that website out of anonymity and into the limelight. It will charm users and give them reasons to turn and return to your much-cherished website.


In the following lines, we’ll walk you through possible mint color palettes that add brilliance to websites:


1. Mint for consumption

Mint color palette in site

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This mint color palette is used for culinary websites, full of recipes visitors cannot help but eat with the eyes. The prevalent mint color spreads all throughout the page and balances warm hues with a refreshing note. Powerful orange is counterbalanced by a similarly bold color: mint color. The art of combining these hues in the color scheme resides in the selection of the right shades/luminosity and saturation for each color. Bold hues are slightly toned down by the background brown, creating a relaxing experience for visitors that want to dwell longer on the page and discover interesting content. The mint color palette examplified above might be a good choice for food-related websites that want to keep their readers hooked.


2. Mint color palette for florist’s website


Florist's site - mint color palette

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As a second example, this mint color palette is innovative in its use for a florist website. It’s unusual, as it implies blue & green hues for flowers, making them special and worthy of attention. Although it’s present in combination with white, the mint color has darker tones, and creates significant contrast in the page. And this contrast, not at all overwhelming, gives an agreeable experience to users who land on the page and want to explore its content. The above image rendering a mint color scheme can be resourceful, inspiring, innovative in giving your website a special note. All hues are light, passing the mint color through different variations that show the true potential of a color that’s borrowed from nature. You can give this color palette a try, and check its effects upon readers way before they return to thank you.


3. Mint color palette for a cool party

Mint color palette for party and weddings website

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Another mint color palette, which is perfect for events websites: wedding, parties, etc. Light and dark tones of mint are only visible enough to spread out a celebration atmosphere into the website pages. A mint color has a variety of nuances that adapt well to every element in the page. In the background, colors are just a little more faded, so the minty items in the foreground focus users’ attention upon themselves.

Overall, the party is cool, and the vibrancy works its way to the website visitors. Such a presentation couldn’t be but a promise that your event will be perfectly organized, much enjoyed. Minty tones refresh, and nuances of the mint color tell the story in multiple ways. The event is not only cool, it’s also a pleasure to take part to and witness joy. Much than witness, get involved into the party, and make it memorable, together with the others. A website with a mint color palette can tell you all this in a few seconds, through its exquisite presentation.


4. Mint color palette for technical stuff


Mint color scheme for technical stuff

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Last, but not least, this mint color palette can be observed in the complete design of a website. The image above tells a lot on the effects mint color can trigger upon readers of this page. Background and foreground interplay, so light hues support darker hues which, in their turn, emphasize light hues of mint color. This gives an effect of pleasant repetition all the more useful as it chains items until the most important ones get the most prominent position in the page. All this play of colors includes white, both through white space and white text. The end result, this design successfully represents the use of a mint color palette in a technical website. Hence, a technical website is simpler to understand, as it suggests accessibility and easy comprehension that content placed on this color scheme will ensure.


All in all, mint color schemes are an inspired choice for a pretty wide range of niches. In the examples above, we listed some of them, and we hope they’ll serve as sources of inspiration for your own website. Which one would you like to test?

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