How to create a print shop website

  To create a print shop website, you can use the template for Print available in the list of Colibriwp templates. Login to the app and choose the template for Print. You’ll be taken to the Customizer, where you can start customizing your own website.     Insert a logo for your website Let’s start…
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How to create a barber website

For Barber, Colibri has you covered with a template that allows you to customize the website according to your needs.   You just have to login with your credentials in and click on CREATE NEW SITE. Scroll down the list of demos, and you’ll find the Barber demo, waiting for you to customize and…
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How to create a gym website

You don’t need to start from scratch in building a fitness and gym website. Colibri has you covered. We provide a template for fitness and gym; you can customize it to reflect your company and brand personality. Login to with the username and password you’ve chosen. Click on CREATE NEW SITE and you’ll be…
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Scrolling Text Made Easy – 4 Ways to Set It Up

What is scrolling text? Scrolling text is text that moves onto a website page, by following the direction you define for it. It is dynamically displayed and has the properties you have set for this. Types of such text: Classic (the text is scrolling onto the page in an infinite number of iterations)   See…
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Why These 25+ Website Homepage Designs Work So Well

As the name indicates, the homepage is the first page users see in a website. The homepage design has to be great, it has to impress. Below, you’ll find the critical ingredients that have been tried and tested to work, and which will make your homepage stand out from the crowd. Bring focus to what…
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Why These 21+ Website Color Schemes Work So Well

How Do Color Schemes Contribute to a Website Personality? The Key Element for a Good Color Scheme The 3 Types of Colors that Matter for a Website Components of a Color The 3 Ways Colors Can Be Combined Models According to Which Colors Combine Emotions that a Good Color Scheme is Supposed to Arise Put…
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Why and How to Remove Theme from WordPress

Let’s start from the beginning. It’s nice to know how to remove themes from WordPress. But why should you do that? Here are the main reasons why removing a WordPress theme might be useful, if not necessary: They are no longer in use They are outdated The themes might lead to security breaches Those themes…
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How to Master WordPress User Roles

The WordPress User Management System includes 6 different user roles the website owner can assign to the members of his/her team. If there’s one single person managing the website, there’s no need to create multiple user roles. However, for a team, assigning appropriate roles to users means a coherent workflow and better communication among team…
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WordPress site title

How to change site title in WordPress?

Which is the first thing that gets a website or a book noticed? That’s right folks, the title! A website title needs to be both eye-catching and relevant to the brand because you want to make an immediate impact, don’t you? If you feel that the title not longer matches your brand voice, you can…
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9 Awesome Microsites and How to Make Your Own

Microsites are a good way to strengthen your marketing efforts. However, without a clear understanding of their role and functions, microsites will be just another gathering of web pages, waiting for their visitors to come. In the following lines, besides an understanding of microsites, we let you in on the secrets that make microsites effective…
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How to Kickstart Your Wordpress Website with No Coding Skills

[Marketing plan included]