7 Best Practices for Working from Home

  This article lists a set of best practices for productively working from home. The post is meant to support you in finding a way to work efficiently and successfully complete projects during this time.     Tips for increasing productivity   Avoid distractions. Stay focused on your task.   Don’t jump in your tasks…
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Why Is It Good to Use a Website Slider?

A website slider is a succession of images that come onto the screen one after another. They appear in the foreground either automatically or being accessed by users. Note: sometimes, people confuse slider with slideshow or carousel. Here’s the difference among them: Slider = a slider includes multiple slides (images) that are displayed one after…
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vintage color palettes

Vintage Color Palette and Its Use in Websites

Amongst the great color scheme options for websites, the vintage color palette has a special place. Vintage nuances combine in a retro color palette. As a result, the website has an attractive look through this very choice of hues. Visitors are warmly invited into a special atmosphere: a time and scene with a special allure……
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The Key Role of a Website Tagline

What is a tagline on a website?   A website tagline, together with the site title, defines that site identity. While the title sums up what the site is about, the tagline develops the title in a descriptive phrase telling more about the company’s activity. A tagline is key in connecting the company with its…
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15+ Free WordPress Portfolio Themes that’ll Make Your Website Stand Out

To become known in the online medium, you need a portfolio website. And you can most easily make a portfolio website starting from good WordPress portfolio themes. We provide you a list of the best 15+ WordPress portfolio themes. You can use any of them confidently, and build a successful site that really represents you.…
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Grey Color Palette for Wonderful Websites

Although toned down, a grey color palette can work wonders for websites. It can integrate additional colors that contrast with grey, in original combinations. Usually, grey makes a modern and sleek color scheme. Adjacent colors add liveliness and vivacity to the website, and can result in cool color combos.   In the following lines, we…
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8 Web Design Tips for Improving Sites

You’ve seen what makes a good website. You learned the basics of web design, and what it takes to start on a good basis. Now, it’s time to dive deeper into web design, and find out some web design tips you can successfully use for making a good website… better. There’s a list of 8…
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What Makes a Good Website (with a Competitive Edge)?

What is a good website?   A good website is functional. By its layout, design and content, that website fulfils its role. Therefore, it accomplishes the following functions: Create a connection between brand and people State the positioning of the company into the market Raise people’s interest into the company, products and/or services Help complete…
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Travel Website Design (with ColibriWP): 10+ Tips

WeIn today’s travel market, it’s important to carefully build your website and company image through effective travel website design. As this market is highly competitive, saturated and fragmented. And you have to own a brand that’s hard to ignore. For building such a website, you have ColibriWP. But before proceeding to the actual creation of…
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Colors that Go with Green in Websites

Colors have a huge impact upon website users. In building sites, designers often choose green as base color for their pages. The important thing is how they pair green with other colors and nuances, to get a nice visual effect and an effective website? An interesting report about how color psychology influences conversion rates and…
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How to Kickstart Your Wordpress Website with No Coding Skills

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