website mockup

20+ Website Mockup Tools and Templates for Quick Ideas

If you’re searching for some useful resources regarding a website mockup, you’ve come to the right place. Because, yes, every site building should start with a website mockup. This is especially true for start-ups. Sometimes, you don’t need to bother with online tools. The simplest way to draw the sketch of a website is to…
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How to Make a Website Outline the Right Way

It all starts with planning. Everyone who wants to build a website should think of planning first. For the website outline to take form, you have to start from the beginning: What you should take into account when creating your website outline   Put your main content front and center (for eCommerce sites, you’ll show…
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how to edit footers in WordPress

How to edit footer in WordPress with 4 easy methods [UPDATE 2021]

Footers are so underrated. There are 2 main advantages to using website footers: helping with website navigation helping with SEO, by improving internal links And if you’re thinking that people don’t scroll that down and that footers are not visible, well, guess again. A study by Chartbeat revealed that they do scroll. And they’ve analyzed…
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4 Easy Ways to Remove WordPress Sidebar

Many templates come with the pre-defined option to display a sidebar in the website/blog pages. The role of the sidebar is to show information that is not part of the main pages content. However, you might want to hide the sidebar in the website pages, or simply remove it. First, let’s see why it is…
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Changing fonts in WordPress

How to Change Fonts, Font-color, and Font-size in WordPress [UPDATE 2021]

Four fonts walk into a bar. The barman says ”Oi – get out! We don’t want your type in here’. I just love chasing fonts.  I like to collect them, thinking that one day I’ll use them in a presentation or on a site. But I have an eternal dilemma: I have no idea how…
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If it’s Wix vs WordPress, choose WordPress. Here’s Why

Since you’ve taken the decision to start a new website, maybe you’re wondering whether to choose Wix vs WordPress, as the website building platform. Which one is the best solution for creating a brand-new website? To put a long story short, you should choose WordPress. In fact, if you want to experiment customizing a website…
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How to Navigate WordPress Admin Dashboard like a Pro

You’re new to WordPress admin and you want to get accustomed to using the platform. We’ll walk you through the options of the WordPress dashboard, so you can see for yourself how simple the interface really is. What is WordPress Dashboard and Admin Area? WordPress Admin is the administrative area of a website/blog built on…
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101+ Website Ideas That Can Help Build a Business

The internet is oozing with opportunities to create your online personal space and… why not, earn money from doing so. However, without a structured approach, it can be quite impossible to make your voice heard in the online world. This is the reason of this article, to help you get a grasp of how you…
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Can Website Builders Work for Your Business?

Among the questions a lot of people usually ask is whether website builders can work for their business. The answer is, maybe. In some niche situations, they can work. There are lots of businesses that were started or built using website builders. Most website builders usually have free plans and other paid for plans known…
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Best Way to Start Your (Profitable) Travel Blog

To start a travel blog is probably the best idea when it comes to steering away from the daily routine. You can double your everyday habits by doing DIY and pushing a personal travel blog forward. Will you take on the adventure? I. Laying the foundations: why should you start? …or, in plain words, whom…
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