Top 5 Instagram Widgets for WordPress and Hacks to Drive Traffic to Your Website & Instagram

You may want to add your Instagram photos and videos to your WordPress website using an Instagram widget for different reasons. For instance, if you are setting up a WordPress website, you may want to provide visual content for your website to attract more traffic. Moreover, you may want to lead your website visitors to…
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How to Clear WordPress Cache in less than 2 minutes

Are you making changes to your website but they just won’t show up live? We’re recognizing the symptoms here: you’re going nuts with WordPress cache. But, no worries, it’s something you can easily deal with.  Now, let’s understand what’s going on here.   What’s the thing with caching? Cache is a collection of temporarily stored…
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Cloudways review

Cloudways Review – Managed WordPress Hosting

It’s essential for every WordPress user to choose the right WordPress theme and necessary plugins for their business website. Similarly, selecting the right hosting for your WordPress site is equally essential because it helps your business website grow and prosper.    In this article, I’ll take you through a detailed overview of Cloudways with a…
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WordPress sliders

WordPress Sliders: a Zoom In. How to Build Them, Tips, Tricks and Tools

You can call them WordPress sliders, carousels, slideshows. In the end, they have the same scope: presenting information in a visual, engaging, more appealing way. They can help users better navigate your website…but (there’s always a but, isn’t it?) they can have some downsides. I’m trying to be objective here, so I’m going to present…
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WordPress Content Writing: How to Dominate Google with Content?

We’re continuing our marketing journey knowledge with the folks at Cognitive SEO. CognitiveSEO is a complete digital marketing solution, an all-inclusive tool that covers all the needs an SEO Pro, webmaster, or digital marketer might have on how to increase any website’s traffic. Last year alone, CognitiveSEO has helped over 11.000 SEO professionals & agencies…
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WordPress automations

10 Best WordPress Automations to Make Your Life Easier

Considering that marketing automation can increase conversion rates by 59%, it seems wise to automate workflows on your WordPress website.   Without the right WordPress automations at your disposal, you’re wasting time and money doing manual tasks that you could brush off your plate.   Building a strong repertoire of WordPress automation plugins, you’ll find…
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Ancuta Ciocoiu, Grapefruit

The Many Faces of a Newsletter

We’re so excited to introduce you to Grapefruit, the User Experience & Digital Consulting Agency that shook hands with Nestle, Renault, Nissan, and many more. They’ve joined our “Learn from” series to teach us how to sharpen our content marketing skills. After reading this article, you won’t ever underestimate your newsletter’s content power. Let’s hit…
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Website vs domain

Domain vs Website: the What, the Why, the How?

Domain vs website – the eternal question. We wanna settle this once and for all in this article. Starting your own website requires you to understand the fundamentals of how the web works. This includes distinguishing the difference between various technical terms and knowing how to apply them in real life.    When getting started…
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WordPress menus

The WordPress Menus Diaries: Beginners Guide [Tips and Tricks]

Do you want to create a WordPress menu and don’t know where to start?   This article will shine a light on the types of menus available and also the methods at your disposal to build such menus.   But, first things, first: What can you include in WordPress menus?   Pages. You can add…
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cart abandonment

How To Analyze Cart Abandonment for Your WordPress Online Store

Struggling to reduce the rate of your cart abandonment? No need to worry anymore. We have an easy solution to your problem. It will help you to fix the issue within minutes. In his article, we will tell you how to recover an abandoned cart following just a few easy steps. At the end of…
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How to Kickstart Your Wordpress Website with No Coding Skills

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