How These Rounded Logos Capture Your Attention

With the logo starts the story… of a brand. The logo defines the identity of a brand, it tells people Who they are (the company), What they do, and above all, how they do things, what is their manner of tackling problems, and solving issues. The role of a logo is to help sustain public…
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Background Graphics You Can Get from a Few Inspirational Tips

  First of all, what are background graphics? Background graphics are a type of background that gives contours to a website design. They stand next to background images, animations and videos, and have their role in site design, when wisely used. So, the more comprehensive question should be: what is a website background, or what…
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20+ Beautiful Website Headers and Why They Work So Well

What’s the first thing a user sees on your website? Exactly, the header. If that’s not appealing enough, if it doesn’t bring clarity, your users might just go away, and maybe never come back. We don’t want that, do we? Website headers are a central part in designing a website. They play a key role…
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29+ Website Footer Examples and Why They Work So Well

Often neglected by web designers, website footers are nothing less than a stop point where users can decide if your website is valuable to them or not. There’s no too much scrolling, when it comes to reaching the bottom of a webpage, users will find it and extract the most of it. What to integrate…
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Special Easter Offers for Your Future Website Building Tools

  It’s time for spring, it’s time for discounts. You have special Easter offers that might take you a long way in your website(s) creation or ampler web design projects. It’s your chance to grab up to 40% discount on whatever tool you want for designing your beautiful websites.     Whatever you need, from…
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Redesign time

Tomorrow’s Yesterday: Duration of a Website and Time to Redesign

  Not everyone wonders what is, in fact, the duration of a website. And they should. You should. Because the validity of your project resides, in great part, on the efficiency of your website in the long term. Will it be up and running for how long? Does the site drive conversions? Also, does it…
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soft color pallete

7 Examples of Soft Color Palettes to Use in Websites

  A soft color palette is pleasant to look at. It creates harmony in a website design, making it enjoyable and worth visiting. But a soft color scheme offers something more: it brings content forward, and makes it more important than design. It lets website content speak by itself, and the color scheme takes its…
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It’s Easy to Build Charity Websites with Colibri

  Colibri Charity is a demo developed for non-profit, charity organizations who need a solid presence in the online medium. In this medium, well-designed charity websites could be the means to reach a broader audience and collect funds at a larger level. More than that, having a charity website is the main condition for online…
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7 Best Practices for Working from Home

  This article lists a set of best practices for productively working from home. The post is meant to support you in finding a way to work efficiently and successfully complete projects during this time.     Tips for increasing productivity   Avoid distractions. Stay focused on your task.   Don’t jump in your tasks…
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Why Is It Good to Use a Website Slider?

A website slider is a succession of images that come onto the screen one after another. They appear in the foreground either automatically or being accessed by users. Note: sometimes, people confuse slider with slideshow or carousel. Here’s the difference among them: Slider = a slider includes multiple slides (images) that are displayed one after…
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How to Kickstart Your Wordpress Website with No Coding Skills

[Marketing plan included]