Ski Resort Website You Can Build Using ColibriWP

It’s never been easier to create a ski resort website than with the ColibriWP template. You’ll start from this:     All you have to do is select “Start with a predefined template” and choose the Ski Resort demo site. If you create such a project, you need to go to the Customizer and start…
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Web Design Strategy for Successful Websites

tIn building a website, it’s highly recommended that you have a strategy in mind. A strategy that guides the web design process to efficiency and meeting the website goals. This means the web design strategy is aligned with the website communication strategy: the way of communicating with clients, and the manner of transmitting the company…
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Which Are the Top-Rated WordPress Web Design Trends for 2020?

Those who plan new website projects for the year ahead need to stay up to date with the latest WordPress web design trends. This way, they drive web design to new expressions and better align with 2020 users’ expectations. In the following lines, we’ll note the most important web design trends that will dominate the…
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How to Create a Coaching Website

Ok, you’re a coach and you want to have a coaching website and better promote your counselling services. The first pace is to create a website and have an online identity. But how do you know if your website will be a success? Simply, by following these tips:   1. Choose an appropriate domain name…
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Additional ColibriWP Features to Explore: Slider and Carousel

The ColibriWP website builder includes some additional components you should explore: slider and carousel. These extend the possibilities to design an outstanding website. Also, your site will be in accordance with the latest web design trends.   New component: Slider   Sliders are important for websites that have to be modern. They offer a top-notch…
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Brown Color Palettes for Exceptional Websites

Brown color palettes are indicative of certain meanings in websites. Brown is the color of earth, it signifies steadfastness, stability and balance. Also, it implies reliability and friendliness, as well as simplicity, that’s why it’s a good idea to choose a brown color palette for your website. When included in a website color scheme, brown…
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How to Create a Photographer Portfolio Website

To have the best website, you need the best tools. And some knowledge of what the best photographer website really means.   In a photographer portfolio website, you cannot allow yourself to lose the design competition. You simply need to be the best. To that point that people who browse the website should have a…
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Inspiring Red Color Palettes for Websites

peop Red color palettes transmit strong messages too website users. Red is a powerful color. And it has different meanings, that come to life depending on the context where they belong. Among the connotations of red and red color palettes: Luxury – red is the color of opulence, abundance and richness. It might indicate luxury…
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What’s new: ColibriWP Bakery template

A new template, Colibri Bakery, is now available for use: you can start building your own website in the same niche, based on this demo:   As sweet as pink and white:     Dedicated sections for all delicious recipes:     And some sections for a delicious recipe of success:     Lists and…
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10 Top Website Hero Images and Best Practices to Create Your Own

The Hero section plays a key role in a website’s design. The website Hero images can have a great impact upon users. It’s the first thing they see in a website they land on. It’s the starting point of a curious exploration or some quick skimming of a website. But what gives a Hero image…
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How to Kickstart Your Wordpress Website with No Coding Skills

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