Photography Icons and Their Use in Websites


First of all, what’s a photography icon? What’s its use and why should you pay attention to the right selection of photography icons?

Photography icons are small icons designers use to include in websites. Their role is to refer to content or content bits that relate to photography.

Photography professionals will need the most good-looking photography icons. That’s why we thought it would be helpful to give them some useful variants.


Collections of photography icons


There are multiple collections of photography icons. You can study them and review each group of icons, in order to find the best icons for your website content.

It’s best to choose professional icons, that are interrelated and perfectly suggestive of your pages content. They might be black and white or colored, and you should choose them to best reflect the personality of your website.

You should also pay attention to whether the icons have a transparent background or not. They have to perfectly fit into the overall design and be the most appropriate choice to represent segments of content you place into your website pages.


Choose photography icons depending on the website design style


Each photographer’s website has a unique style, and bears the imprint of the artist. Thus, when you design such a website, you have to carefully select the photography icons that best represent that specific website.

Let’s see some examples that might inspire you:

Classical icon

Classical photography icons

Icon Finder


This classical icon is a basic representation of a camera. It’s simple, it’s easy to recognize, it’s suggestive of content related to photography. This icon has transparent background, which means you can easily integrate it into the website design and preferred color scheme.

Through its minimalist style, it can adapt to any kind of website and any kind of list. You can resize it to perfectly fit into the web page you are customizing.

You should use it in case you want to keep some neutrality for the symbols attached to content lists. That’s because this icon allows for any type of design to develop around it.


Stylish icon in black and white


Stylish icon



Another simple photography icon has the form as shown above. It balances black and white, or better, black and transparent background. As a result, it forms a stylish and elegant representation of a camera: a simple, yet powerful photography icon to use for your site.

Forms and lines are simple, and no extra line besides what’s necessary for a clear symbol is present. It can be matched with similar icons, that are simple, and keep a stylish graphic in the meantime.

Used correctly, this icon can add elegance to a page.

Used creatively, the icon can add originality to the page you’re customizing: for example, the transparent background can be superposed to a default background color or gradient. Thus, icon and web page design intermingle and give a note of uniqueness to a website that has to stand out.


Sophisticated icon

Sophisticated photography icon



The third photography icon we recommend is more sophisticated and a little bit more complex than the other two. It’s meant for advanced representations of content lists in photography websites.

In this case, too, you benefit from transparent background, so the icon can appear over a colored background and borrow color from it. This symbol has additional lines and curves, that contribute to the icon sophistication. Used correctly, it can give the impression of high-quality photography, artistic mastery and high-end, professional services. Exclusive offers can have good representations through such icons, in the pages of a photography website. The photography icon needs to pair with similar symbols, that sustain one another and create an eloquent presentation in the website pages.


Wedding photography icon


Icon suited for wedding photography sites




This photography icon is perfectly suited for wedding photo websites. Besides the simple camera graphics, this icon incorporates symbols related to weddings. It’s livelier, “happier” and most eloquent for celebrating events such as weddings. It integrates well into a design that breathes celebration, and where all minor details are refined to the ultimate degree of beauty and subtle decoration.

The icon is designed in black and white, an expression of elegance you can finetune to fit into the overall website design. There’s no transparent background, however, the black and white can be well combined with whatever color scheme you choose for your website.


Simple graphic icon

Simple graphic for photography icons



This is the simplest photography icon you might encounter. It has a transparent background, so it fits well for all color schemes and all kinds of website design. The icon consists just of lines that form the graphic representation of a camera. It’s a simplistic symbol, and by this very simplicity, it can borrow much from the website personality. The drawing is classical, only the necessary forms to suggest a camera and attach visual meaning to content in the website. Through a schematic rendering of the camera symbol, the icon allows for the website colors to shine and the design specifics to express.

Technical representation for photography icons



This icon is best for websites that are more technically oriented. It forms a symbol that suggests the complexity of the device. Moreover, it shows the professionalism of the photographer and his/her skills in the area. It’s suggestive of the technical aspects of photography and transmits to users confidence into the capabilities of the photographer. It should pair with equally complex icons in a list of items you want to add to your page. You should choose similar icons of the same complexity, to keep coherence and convey the same message through the visual symbols (and content, as well).


Modern artist

Icon Library


This icon is perfect for photography websites that have a modern look. It’s a stylish symbol, that suits well in a page where all elements converge to creating a modern, complex and elegant design. The basic representation of a camera has additional elements suggesting an advanced device, ready to serve the photographer in creating the best photos. Some unexpected details, like the image on the lens of the camera, make the icon stronger in pointing to a modern artist. The alternation of black and white is indicative of professionalism and the skills of a well-established specialist you can always contact for high-quality photos.


Playful Style of Photography Icon



Such an icon is suitable for lists of items within a design that’s special through its youthfulness. Together with similar icons, it serves the special purpose of marketing the website as a modern-looking one. It adds a note of humour and implies playful items that put visitors in a positive mood. Its role is to invite people to explore the content of the website, in search for those special features that makes it special and worthy of attention. Unusual details surprise the reader and stir up their curiosity towards the uniqueness of the brand. Our suggestion is to match it with similar icons that ensure the coherence of the design and “tone” of the website.


High-End Photography Icons

Clipart Library 


Not a common photography icon, this one suggests high-quality services and a high-end professional photographer. It’s meant for presenting services so to focus users’ attention upon high-quality, expensive services and unbiased professionalism.

You can use it when the artist is renowned in the online space, and in social media. Its name is a well-known “brand” in itself for the photography area. Pair it with similarly complex icons and you’ll add a touch of sophistication to the website design, one that’s welcome for high-end photography. Such icons are a visual aid for the text presentation, and make it more convincing.


Unconventional photography icon

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Totally different from all of the above icons, this one is good to use for unconventional presentations. It’s unusual in its graphic symbolism, therefore it’s all the more suited for unique presentations that make a website stand out from the crowd. It attracts attention and drives users’ interest towards the text content in the website pages. If you want to create an unusual design and impress users through some different elements, you should make those pages different and unique, and focus users’ attention on the text presentation.



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