Inspiring Red Color Palettes for Websites


Red color palettes transmit strong messages too website users. Red is a powerful color. And it has different meanings, that come to life depending on the context where they belong.

Among the connotations of red and red color palettes:

  • Luxury – red is the color of opulence, abundance and richness. It might indicate luxury spaces. It’s appropriate as a symbol of expensiveness.
  • Danger – red is also the color that denotes danger. It marks an alert, and triggers better attention and concentration to the events that are happening.
  • Energy – red is a highly efficient color. It encourages action, and sets users in a state when they’re more inclined to convert. That’s why, sometimes, designers choose red for Call-to-Action buttons in websites.
  • Boldness – due to its message, red causes boldness to manifest itself. Red increases chances people try a product of or a service package, and be more inclined to experiment novelty.
  • Interactivity – this is particularly sprecific to websites, where red might helps increase people’s engagement with the site elements. This color invites to action, and users happily start exploring a website’s content, when red inspires them to do so.


In the following lines, a series of successful sites explains the effects of red color palettes upon visitors.


  1. Species in Pieces


example red color palettes


A website destined to raise awareness towards the danger of species in extinction. As the name itself suggests, Species in Pieces draws the attention to some facts that need to change. The survival itself of some species is threatened, and this is eloquently suggested through the red used for the page text. This color is all the more efficient as the text is surrounded by negative space. The technique has the role of bringing to the forefront a message all users should keep in mind and react to.


  1. Multimedia Guides to Polish Culture


example 2 red color palettes


This time, red indicates culture, the Polish culture. The same color in the image overlay and some part of the title text creates coherence and a more efficient message. People will remember the red color they associate with the site, which serves to branding purposes. Red brings Polish culture to the attention of readers, and promises to involve them into exploring the Polish culture through multimedia guides.


  1. is a digital agency that included red into its brand identity. That’s why the term “red” is present in the very domain name of the website. Throughout the site, the red color is spread in different strategic locations, attracting attention towards the company and its services. It encourages users to take action, that is to choose services. One of such strategic locations is the Help section, which is delimited in the upper and lower parts by red. Also the text within this section is partially displayed in the same color, ensuring coherence in design and orienting visitors towards the best action they can take: contact


  1. Kitkat



Kitkat is about dessert. It’s about indulging in savouring a KitKat, and a break. The red color palette refers to the luxury of having such moments for yourself. It encourages to buy, and it encourages to taste the KitKat. In this case, the website background is all red, which means you shouldn’t wait long before buying. The white of text boxes creates good contrast, and keeps the attention focused onto the site presentation. Otherwise, the presentation is simple, easy to scan and appealing to readers’ emotional level.


  1. Bowtieapp



As the text in the website says it, Bowtie is a desktop accessory that allows you to see and control your music, with some nice tools they make available for you. Red presents theatre curtains that imply a show which people watch in a comfortable atmosphere. And to keep a unified style into the page, the Download button is red, too (the same nuance as the theatre curtains).




strategically used red color palettes


This website belongs to the University of Chicago. It has an .edu domain and it has authority as an educational institution. Red appears only in the header, where the university logo occupies a central place. It transmits that the University implies a high level of professionalism and high standards. Exclusiveness is another meaning for red in the website pages. Grey nuances and much white space balance its use.


  1. Nhdist


inspiring red color palettes


Another use of red in the upper part of the page (the menu bar) is valid for Nhdist. Red represents quality beverages – it’s a symbol of high quality and expensiveness. As in other examples, red comes in contrast with white text and dark nuances in the header background. High-end offers are another expression for “New Hampshire’s Choice for Quality Beverages”.


We hope the above examples inspire you to create your own color scheme. Depending on how well red represents your brand, you might choose it as the main color or as a secondary color that emphasizes a certain message into your website. Either way, red color palettes help you increase engagement and maximize conversions.

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