Silver Color Palette for Websites

This time, we’ll cover significance and effects of a special website color scheme: the silver color palette.

First, it would be nice to have a clear picture of silver color palettes and their influence on design.

What are the effects of a silver color palette?


  1. Silver in a website page makes that page shine. It won’t shine with vivid colors, but it will give brilliance to the presentation. This effect outperforms that of strong colors, with luminosity. It makes that page special, from the very design.
  2. Also, silver gives elegance to a website presentation. The association of color and the precious metal serves to bringing elegance into the design. It works well combined with simple to no decoration, short text and much negative space.
  3. A silver color palette is appropriate for business websites. It suggests high-end products and services, so use it carefully. Do not select silver unless your offer lives up to the presentation. Silver brings pricey products/services to the forefront. There’s more chance to buy costly products when all the website guarantees for their quality.


*Important: don’t mix silver and gold, unless you want an out of the ordinary effect and you know how to handle it.


What is such a color scheme composed of?


This color scheme involves different tints of grey (a greater or lesser concentration of color) and a high luminosity degree.

Silver can come in combination with different colors: pink, yellow, red, blue, etc. Those colors add a touch of liveliness and concreteness to the website color scheme.

On the other hand, you can go further and give metallic shades to silver. This strengthens the silver effect. It makes it eloquent enough to give weight to the presentation.


In the following lines, we’ll make a top 3 of websites that excellently use silver color palettes:


  1. Beauregard


Silver color palette - example


Within this site, luxury is at home. And silver nuances melt precious metal and website color scheme in an eloquent manner. Pure silver is suggested by sheer use of silver colors. Needless to say, zoom in and blur effects can emphasize some details and fade in on others. Additional colors in the page serve to enhancing the expressiveness of silver. Much silver concentrates in the Hero of the homepage. Hence, visitors start with elegance and style in mind, when browsing the website.


  1. Microsoft – By the Numbers


Silver and pink color palette - example


This website capitalizes on the use of grey, gradients of grey and the best version of grey, which is silver. Its use matches the brand, a clean presentation and an inspired intro for the stories that make Microsoft. Other colors that enter this color scheme are pink (and gradients), plus white. They’re lighter colors that balance grey and silver with refreshing tones. Thus, the homepage Hero has an intro with a pleasant aspect, inviting to read more. Silver is rather suggested than really applied onto the page. This way, it has even more power to refer to high-quality, even excellence, than it would have had as simply put on portions of page.


  1. My360mirror


Elegant silver color palette - example


This website makes use of colors, so metallic nuances come up front. Grey is generously spread in the background, and brings silver to users’ attention. It’s the product itself that gets contours with silver. It shines in the page as the new product to have, and the new idea to try out. The design is minimalist; thus users’ attention focuses better on the product itself, and the main message. All elements in the page converge to creating an excellent silver color palette that suits My360mirror. Text, logo, description, menu items, all have light grey/white nuances that augment the silver expressiveness.

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