7 Examples of Soft Color Palettes to Use in Websites

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A soft color palette is pleasant to look at. It creates harmony in a website design, making it enjoyable and worth visiting. But a soft color scheme offers something more: it brings content forward, and makes it more important than design. It lets website content speak by itself, and the color scheme takes its place in the background.

We gathered some soft color combinations, to inspire you. Here they are:


Example no. 1



This soft color palette is good for completely obscuring the background to the advantage of a website content. It has nuances of pink, blue, green and grey, but in very low concentrations, which makes them soft. Actually, it mutes color to the benefit of content. So if you have great content to display, don’t hesitate to use this color palette.

You can use the less obvious color in the combination for placing important content in the page. It will let it shine with expressiveness. Therefore, the content to place in such places has to be carefully selected and formulated. Also, use the blue nuance as accent color, and reserve it to CTA buttons and other areas you want to emphasize.


Example no. 2



This is a soft color palette you can use for business websites. It has 3 (out of 5) colors that can be used as accent colors. It’s up to you whether the background will have more of the dark nuances or of the light ones. The opposite will be a good selection to accentuate CTA buttons, items in menu, etc. As an example, you have the “Vintage Sundown” color placed on a light-colored background. The combination also incudes variations of grey, which soften the two best-contrasting colors. The passage from pink to brown is soft, slightly perceptible. One soft pink nuance meets a grey nuance somewhere onto the color range.


Example no. 3



This chromatic combination is part of an article on color schemes for wellness or yoga websites. We’ll say the color combo is suitable for a wide range of feminine websites. This time, the contrast between the pink and grey is more visible and better perceived. The middle nuances are far lighter and by this, softer. Here, you can play with two accent colors for different CTA buttons, and keep the in-between hues for backgrounds. The color scheme includes some white (FCF1EF is perceived as white) and colors with much white within their composition, as opposed to clearly visible colors. You can use the color scheme as such or you can experiment, starting from its suggestions of nuances.


Example no. 4



This is a soft color palette that’s similar to the one above. This has the same basic colors: pink, grey, white, but the saturation is somehow different. Also, it suggests a new arrangement of colors in your color scheme, with dark grey for CTA buttons. Or you can use dark grey for pages background, and choose the most contrasting color (near-white) for Call-to-Action buttons. It’s a color scheme that fits business and personal sites alike.


Example no. 5


The above color palette reiterates to a certain degree some other color combos already presented in the article. The difference resides in color saturation, and how light or dark are the best-contrasting colors. The combination includes variations of pink and nuances of grey, more nuances pf grey than of pink. This makes the above color scheme almost neutral, so it fits a wide variety of niche websites. It lacks in accent color that should be applicable to CTA buttons or other items to be emphasized. Therefore, you should find an extra color that fulfils this role of accent color in the website.





As the background suggests, this soft color scheme is best suited for wedding, wedding photography websites. Also, it has a wide range of applications for feminine websites (beauty, lifestyle, fashion, make-up, etc.). It has 5 containing colors, 3 are more pronounced, while the other 2 are almost imperceptible. In this case, you should better use the darker colors for CTA buttons, as there is not enough contrast between light and dark nuances to place “Vanilla” hues onto the “Lavender fields” color. You can innovate by including a gradient for one of the colors, as suggested in the above screenshot. It’s up to you.




Last, but not least, a color palette that’s a good fit for a remarkable website design. It has more pronounced colors, including orange and violet. Its creative color scheme invites you to experiment with the different hues and nuances until you find the best option for your brand. /You have about 3 colors in the combination to select from and use an accent color. It depends on you how you distribute the colors on your website and make it appealing enough for visitors to come and return to it. As a creative color scheme, it’s recommended for innovative websites or companies that want to stand out through a unique design.


soft color palette from Depositphotos

Source: Depositphotos

You could even try some reverse engineering when trying to identify the right color palette. Try picking a palette not based on colors but on a place or a phenomenon.
For example, your business is related to hotel vacations and oceanfront recreation. It’s a clear sky and water, sand, and forest.
Blue has been proven to be associated with comfort, clarity, honesty, loyalty, reliability;
Green – freshness, tranquility, relaxation, trust, peace, hope;
Yellow – youthfulness, freshness, optimism.
Indeed, these colors suggest the tranquility and relaxation that oceanfront hotel vacation offers! Depositphotos has lots of such examples that can inspire you.


These are the top 7 recommendations of soft color palettes that you can use for your website. Read about them, select one or two of them and use them. You can use them as such, or you can modify them according to your branding guidelines, to best represent your company or personal website. If you have other soft color palette suggestions or want to share your work with us, don’t hesitate to leave a comment and tell us about your experience with such color schemes.





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