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WordPress Sliders: a Zoom In. How to Build Them, Tips, Tricks and Tools

You can call them WordPress sliders, carousels, slideshows. In the end, they have the same scope: presenting information in a visual, engaging, more appealing way. They can help users better navigate your website…but (there’s always a but, isn’t it?) they can have some downsides. I’m trying to be objective here, so I’m going to present…
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Why and How to Add a Favicon to Your Website

  It’s simple and useful to add a favicon to your website… You’ve probably heard of favicons. However, people often neglect and overlook them in the process of website design. Well, they shouldn’t…   What’s a favicon?   A favicon is a favourite icon. It’s also known as site icon. It’s a small image representative…
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How to Kickstart Your Wordpress Website with No Coding Skills

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