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The Ultimate Guide to Setting a WordPress Recruitment Theme to a Site

Learn how to use WordPress recruiting themes to create job boards, and career sections. Follow the installation and setting up steps Job board websites can be of massive help to both candidates and employers. They help them connect, reach out, and make a deal. Of course, you can find jobs on Jooble, which is an…
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9 Important Security Features of LMS of 2023

Why LMS Security Is Important It is a fast-paced world where things change at lightning speed. We have witnessed this trend in almost all spheres of life. This revolution is the engine behind the robust Learning Management System (LMS). LMS has gained extreme relevance and popularity, which has led to a general rise in the…
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How to Build Custom Landing Page on WordPress

Building a finely-tuned landing page is an essential step in any webmaster’s mission to drive traffic and increase conversions.   A landing page is a standalone web page is going to be the first point of contact for visitors to your site, and as such it needs to effectively promote a specific product or service,…
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20 Best WordPress Themes for an Education Website

WordPress is ideal for building all kinds of websites, including educational ones. If you want to build an educational website of your own (e.g. for offering online courses, for your educational institution), you will need to choose a theme to use as a foundation. Without further ado, here are some of the best WordPress themes…
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7 Steps to Optimize a Landing Page on WordPress

A well-optimized landing page is one of the cornerstones of a successful website. Whether you are looking to sell goods or services, get people to subscribe to a newsletter, or sign up for a free trial, the conversion rate depends on how a visitor perceives the landing page. Building trust and credibility with lackluster landing…
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How To Set Up a Reverse Proxy for WordPress

As a WordPress administrator, you might find yourself in a situation where you must set up a reverse proxy server. Fortunately, setting up a reverse proxy server is relatively easy, and there are several different software packages that you can use. This article provides a brief overview of setting up a reverse proxy server for…
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how to do seo for wordpress in 2023

How to Do SEO For WordPress in 2023: 6 DIY Tips for Success

As a website owner, you might know how you can increase the traffic and visibility of your website.   There are various ways to improve the growth of your website. Search Engine Optimization is the core factor in boosting the growth of your site.   Because nowadays, when someone gets stuck in finding some information,…
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Video making

5 Methods to Embed Videos in Your WordPress Website (Video Creation Tips Included)

Images and videos always let you tell better stories than text. Embedding videos in your WordPress website (posts or pages) is an important part of creating user engagement but can also help out with Google’s organic ranking.  Now, did you know that 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or…
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Webflow vs WordPress: Which One to Use for Your Digital Agency?

Webflow vs WordPress: game on!   Website builders have opened web development for the public. Practically anyone can build a beautiful website in a matter of hours with no coding skills.  Most website builders offer enough functionality to cover the needs of individual web designers. Yet, digital agencies require specific functionalities and advanced features to…
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10+ Free One-Page WordPress Themes

To quickly put your business online, a one-page website might be the perfect fit. If you count at least 3 of the special one-page features below as important to your website, you should consider the free one-page WordPress themes listed in this article:   Features of a one-page website and of free one-page WordPress themes…
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How to Kickstart Your Wordpress Website with No Coding Skills

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