How to create an accounting firm website

An accounting firm website needs careful attention and a lot of work. However, with a template for accounting, you’ll save time and effort, and your website will look professional.


To create a website for accounting services, starting from our template, you need to login to the app, click on CREATE NEW SITE and choose a name for the website.

You’ll select the Accounting template from the list and star customizing your website:



For your website, you can:

  • Change the Header to reflect your company personality
  • Remove content sections or add new content sections to the website
  • Change footer to a different one.


Among content sections, we deem it valuable to have

  • a counters section – you prove with numbers the quality of your services and that your company is worth being trusted
  • an about section – you include text and images onto an elegant background, to present the company to users of the website
  • a Call-to-Action section – you include a prominent call-to-action button (“View our plans”), for users to advance in the purchase funnel, down to services acquisition
  • a blog section – here, you’ll have the latest news from your blog. A blog will keep users up to date with news in the industry, and you’ll approach your audience in a friendly tone of voice

For the footer, we chose this layout:



It helps make visible contact information for your company. This includes physical address, e-mail address, phone number and links to active social media accounts. Also, the footer includes copyright information.

In terms of style, the footer perfectly adapts the design style of the whole page. To choose background colors and adapt them to the design style of your own website, select different colors from the color picker, under the Style tab corresponding to the footer section.


For more information regarding ways you can customize your accounting firm website, please refer to the documentation at

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