How to create a barber website

For Barber, Colibri has you covered with a template that allows you to customize the website according to your needs.


You just have to login with your credentials in and click on CREATE NEW SITE.

Scroll down the list of demos, and you’ll find the Barber demo, waiting for you to customize and create your perfect website.


Once you start customizing the demo sections, you’ll have the Customizer with all needed functionalities where you’ll want to make adjustments.


Insert a logo

To insert your logo into the website pages, click on the respective section in the live preview and open in Customizer the category of properties for the logo:



You’ll see that you have 6 different options available. In case of an image logo, you have to insert a logo image and an alternate logo image (black text onto white background and viceversa).


Call-to-Action in Menu


In the upper part of the website pages, 3 elements are aligned for best usability:

  • Image logo
  • Menu items
  • Call-to-action


To modify the call-to-action, click on it in the live preview and you’ll open the Button properties in Customizer. You can change its background and its background on hover, the button border and the border thickness:


Under the Content tab, feel free to experiment with a text of your choice. Only be sure it’s of impact to your users.


Please note that this button properties are linked to properties of other elements in the page. As you can see in the demo, the demo maintains a certain coherence, due to this functionality of Linked Properties.

If you want to get rid of linked elements, and customize each of them independently of the others, you click Unlink, in the Customizer.


For more details about customizing the Barber demo, please visit the Colibri documentation, at

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