How to create a conference website

To market your conferences and events, you need a conference website. As an organizer of conferences, you need a professional website that recommends users those events, through design, presentation and communication style.

Colibriwp helps you create a website for conferences, by providing you a template specially created for this niche.

You have to login to the app and choose Conference from the list of available templates. Then, you are ready to start customizing the template to fit your own website.


Insert a logo

It’s key to have a custom logo for a conference website. To change the default, you need to go to the Logo component in the Customizer, and insert a logo using one of the following options:

  • Logo image only
  • Site title text only
  • Image with text below
  • An Image with text on the right
  • Image with text above
  • An Image with text on the left


For this template, we inserted a logo image and an alternate logo image:


How to create a conference website 1


Background for each section in the website

You can apply different colors and styles to the background of each section in the website. However, please pay attention to keep a coherent color scheme within the website pages, and ensure that in the end, the site looks professional.

For the purpose of this template, we included appropriate sections such as: Speaker section (1 & 2), as a model, and a contact form.


Customizing Contact Form


This element was included into the page by inserting the corresponding Contact form shortcode into the Contact Form component.


How to create a conference website 2


If you click the Style tab, you’ll benefit from additional customizations for the contact form included into the website. Such customizations refer to:

  • Color of the background
  • Padding
  • Text color
  • Text typography
  • Alignment of the text
  • Customizations of the form fields
  • Adjustments of the Submit button
  • Customizations for notices


For further instructions on how to create a website for Conference, please refer to the documentation.


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