How to Build a Creative Agency Website


The need for creative agency has been increasing lately. More and more companies want an impressive identity, and here’s where the work of a creative agency comes in.

In their turn, creative agencies need exquisitely designed websites that recommend them appropriately as creators of company branding and web design.


Here’s a list of particularities of the creative agencies niche; you should take them into account for every new such website you have to build:

  • Inspired and inspiring use of colors. Inspired, because the right choice of colors defines the message at an emotional level and transmits what you intended, without even adding words. Inspiring, because an audacious color scheme is deciphered by users in the same line of… audacity. For a creative agency, creativity flourishes in a rich color scheme, but even in a less colored design.



Even a combination of black and white can look astounding, through an unusual mix that breaks users’ habits and takes them on the adventure route.

  • Creativity rules. Creativity has something special; it involves elements that sustain that special element which turns a common website into an extraordinary creative agency website. So, in building a creative agency website, put your creativity at work. Unleash the power of imagination and, once checked for appropriateness, it’ll be simple to make it reality. Creative elements can take the form of interactivity, such as an animated title or some unique graphic element.


  • A unique element needs to be stylishly repeated throughout the page/pages, so it becomes a real challenge thrown at visitors. It might be a graphic element, or it might be the unique value proposition of the company. Also, it stands out in the middle of elements used for the website design, and it’s recognizable among millions of other websites. It offers guidance to the core distinctive values of the company and website.


  • Some minor or even major web design elements adapt to the website unicity, through modern graphics and smooth functionality. These are design elements that converge to creating that element of uniqueness a website cannot do without.


  • Overall, uniqueness in design is a sign that the agency can take client companies far in the website building adventure. That’s why it’s of utmost importance to create a design defining that creative agency website you want to build.


  • The design needs to reflect the agency’s personality. Like the website audience, that has to be defined by personas, the agency itself has to be defined by a specific persona. It might be joyful and young, playful and agile, outstanding, extraordinary, well-established, etc.


  • A creative agency website should include some proof of their work. This can be displayed with counters, statistics organized in columns – for demonstrating expertise. A creative agency without proof of their projects doesn’t get much credibility and it’s not a good candidate for collaboration.


  • Besides originality, there’s familiarity. The challenge resides in getting the right mix of originality and familiarity, so users take common paths to explore unknown sides of creativity. It’s important to put not that much originality in the website as to break UX and undermine trust in the possibility of a partnership. Offer users familiar clues to navigating within the website.


  • To create a successful creative agency website, you need the correct tools. Optimal tools that allow you to take features and use them to mould to your imagination. An edgy tool will put you on the right track in designing outstanding creative agency websites.


In the following lines, we’ll take some examples of such websites and underline what makes them count among the best:





The website was built using distinct video backgrounds for each section in the main page. Thus, each page section has its own story, and users that scroll down the page have the occasion to discover them one by one. Users will put them together and they will get a complete understanding of the DIFFERENT VIEW specific to HighContrast.

With Colibri, you can apply different backgrounds for different page sections, by preserving the same background type: video.

Another innovative element is the side menu. Scrolling down the page, you go from one section to another one, which is marked in the side menu by small circles (you can see the side menu on the right in the screenshot above).





The design of this creative agency is highly innovative. It’s minimalist, and it manages to focus users’ attention on what they’re interested in, in the first place. The homepage consists of images that are blurred until users hover their mouse over a precise image in the page. Only then, the respective image gets clear and clickable in response to users’ intention to find out more.

The blurring technique only raises curiosity and brings forth contact information and other data people might be interested in, one by one.

With Colibri, you have a wide range of options to play with images, from adding frames to pictures to inserting image collages.


Agence SBA



First things first. Agence SBA uses a color mix that’s fresh, that’s stylish, that’s new and original.

More than color mixing, some elements are used in innovative ways, recommending Agence SBa to users and potential clients as one of the best, if not the best agency.

In creating the design, they used split screen and parallax. When visitors scroll down the page, the next section gradually covers the original Hero image, in an oblique arrangement. Down the page, this technique repeats itself, thus keeping a harmonious structure of the homepage.

Colibri provides features such as split screen and parallax, so you can take your website design a step further in using stylish elements for its pages.

In this website, text sustains images and gives a complete presentation of the agency. In the meanwhile, images persuasively support the text, adding color and expressiveness to the overall presentation.


Elk Agency




Elk Agency has a simplistic website, where they know to highlight positive impact. The innovation consists in combining text and images in an asymmetrical arrangement, and using different shades of a color for sections background. On top of that, the Elk Agency website has a vertical menu on the right side of the pages. This brings menu categories to users’ attention in a more efficient way than it would have with a classical menu.

To create this asymmetrical presentation, Colibri is ideal. You can insert image and text within each section of the page, and adjust background and contrast as you find appropriate.






Baboon is an agency that knows to make impressive presentations. The proof is its website design, with elements that stand out. Take, for example, the hero of the homepage, where they used multiple images in a suggestive way. Also, innovations with typography are good evidence of what the agency can do for its clients.


Colibri also allows you to use typography and images in new ways, to create powerful presentations that convince and convert.


Hoping the above directions and examples have served you as inspiration, let’s begin…

Start with the simplest steps:

How You Can Customize the Template for Creative Agency


You don’t need to start your new website for creative agency from scratch. You can start by using the demo we make available in the list of demo sites, once you log in to the app.


You’ll go to the Customizer, where you can make modifications according to the design style you need for your company.


Change colors and color schemes

For each element you want to change colors for, you have to go to the Style tab, and select next to the respective element, the desired color from the color picker.

In case you want more advanced functionalities, you can use the color schemes in the left-hand menu of the Customizer, next to the selected element.

Use the sections in the template, modify them, add new sections

You can start from a structure of page like the one we suggested in the template. The list of content sections is available in the left-hand menu of the Customizer, where you can view details for each of them:


You can add sections of your own, and customize them as you like. Or you can delete some of the pre-existent sections and add other sections of your own.

If you click on the grey cog icon next to a section, you’ll go to the advanced settings for that page section. Use Layout/Content, Style and Advanced tabs to make changes to that particular section.


For an elegant view, you can keep dividers for some sections in the page. In the template, it is the case for the Contact us section, and the Counters section. You can enable both top and bottom dividers, or you can keep only top/bottom divider. The wide variety of options will allow you to choose the shapes you want for the graphic separators. In the template, we selected Waves.


For more detailed instructions on customizing the template for Creative Agency, please refer to the extended documentation.

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